Eye of Orichalcum

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The Eye of Orichalcum in Jim's right eye

The Eye of Orichalcum is an artificial eye attached under the bandage of Jim Crocodile Cook's right eye. He got this eye in an accident as a child when he tried to save Shirley from an animal trap and fell into a river. There was a mysterious old man who told him that the Eye of Orichalcum would help Jim whenever he wanted to save a friend. Jim later uses the power of the Eye to see into Jaden Yuki's dark mind and find his heart that was controlled by the words of The Supreme King. Therefore, he tries to pull Jaden out of the darkness in a Duel. However, Jaden can't hear Jim's words and defeats him violently. Later on, the Eye of Orichalcum is transferred to Axel Brodie. Although Jim was defeated, he used the Eye to communicate with Axel, helping him to regain courage. Axel uses it to free Jaden after ending his own Duel with The King in a DRAW. The spirit of Jim appears in Jaden's mind, saying the darkness is gone, and the Eye shatters into fragments.

When activated by Jim, the Eye gives him the power to peer into a person's mind or soul and discern what is happening within. The Eye also allowed Jim to talk to Axel, who was holding the artifact, even after he was defeated, suggesting that perhaps the Eye bonds to its bearer's spirit.