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Team 5D's as they appear in the opening.

"FREEDOM" is the third opening theme to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It replaced LAST TRAIN -Atarashii Asa- in episode 65. The second version, in which Sherry LeBlanc is revealed, starts from episode 72. Another change takes place each time a "Meklord Emperor" monster is played, resulting in the monster no longer being covered by a mysterious shadow during the end of the opening.

It is replaced by BELIEVE IN NEXUS in episode 104.

It is performed by La-Vie.

Recording credits[edit]

  • Performed by: La-Vie
  • Lyrics by: Sakakibara Masaaki (榊原正晃)
  • Composed by: Mase Kōji (間瀬公司)
  • Arranged by: Ōmura Eiji (木村真也)
  • Record Label: Marvelous Entertainment(マーベラスエンターテイメント)


Card appearances[edit]




Rōmaji English English 2
Kizutsuki sono tabini yasashiku nareru You get hurt and each time you get kinder. Getting hurt all those times became easy to get used to
Tachiagaru soshite kimi wa tsuyosa wo shiru You stand up and learn how strong you are. Stand up and then you will know of your strength
furi mukazu hashiite yuku no sa Rushing past with out turning back. Turn around and run away from death
kako mo mirai mo ima ni tsunagatteru All leading to the past, future and present. The past, future, and present are all connected together
osoreru koto nante nai sa There's nothing to be afraid of. Don't be afraid of what isn't there
nandodemo iu yo kimi wa hitori ja nai I'll say it over and over. You are not alone. It's been said many times before: you are not alone
mune ni himeta atsui omoi wa My innermost, passionate feelings are Hidden in my heart, my passionate feelings are
mugen no mirai e to kakete yuku racing towards a boundless future Dreams of the future and the risk of death
ugoki hajimeta yume wa genkai sae koete My dreams start turning and I can even push it past the limit, The dream has began to move, with the limits already heard
michi biku darou mabayui hikari no sasu basho e paving the way to where the dazzling light shined upon. The road leading to that place seems to me to bestruck with dazzlingly bright light.