Fairy Dragon (Tag Force 1)

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Fairy Dragon
Fearī Doragon
Attribute WIND
Type Dragon
Level 4
ATK / DEF 1100 / 1200
Rarity Common
Internal number 4609
Password 20315854

A beautiful and powerful dragon fairy.

Obtained by

"Fairy Dragon" is available in the following packs:

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Deck Recipes

"Fairy Dragon" is in the following Decks:

Character Deck Level Qty
Ms. Dorothy D.D.G. 1 1
Sigthor Third Dragon 3 3

Other languages

Name Lore
French Fée dragonne Belle et puissante fée dragonne.
German Elfendrache Eine schöner und starker Elfendrache.
Italian Drago-Fata Un bellissimo e potentissimo drago fatato.
Spanish Dragón de hada Una bella y poderosa hada dragón.