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Field Spell Card

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Fīrudo Mahō Kādo

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Field Magic Card


Field Spell Card
Formerly: Field Magic Card


Field Spell Cards (Japanese: フィールドほうカード Fīrudo Mahō Kādo) are a subcategory of Spell Cards that is placed in the Field Zone, and remains face-up on the field after activation.

Older Field Spells typically provide stat boosts for cards with Specific Attributes, Types or archetypes. Later Field Spells typically also provide effects such as recycling cards, weakening the opponent's monsters, searching monsters and/or swarming the field.

Field Spells are available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel. Prior to the introduction of Equip Spell Cards in Deck Mod Pack: Fortissimo of the Whirlwinds!!, they were the only subcategory of Spell Cards available in Rush Duel other than Normal Spell Cards.


As a Spell Card, Field Spell Cards can be activated or set from the hand in the player's own Main Phase, and can be activated in the same turn they are set. Field Spell Cards feature the default Spell Card Spell Speed of Spell Speed 1.

Field Spells may affect both players or only their controller.

Placed in the Field Zone[edit]

Field Spell Cards must be placed in the Field Zones. Each player may only control 1 Field Spell Card. Even if a player already controls a Field Spell Card, they can still activate or Set another one, in which case the previous Field Spell Card is sent to the Graveyard via game mechanics.

Prior to March 21, 2014 (for the OCG) and July 14, 2014 (for the TCG), only one single Field Spell Card could be face-up on the field at a time. If either player activated another Field Spell Card, the previous Field Spell Card would be destroyed via game mechanics.[1]

Must remain on-field to resolve on-field effect[edit]

Like other Spell/Trap Cards that remain face-up on the field after activation, a Field Spell Card must remain face-up on-field to resolve its activated on-field effect, unless said effect specifically moves the card to an off-field location as a cost.

If a Field Spell Card is removed from the field after effect activation but before resolution, the activated effect will resolve without effect.

In the anime[edit]

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, Action Field Spell Cards are introduced, where these Field Spell Cards are not real cards but are created with the "Solid Vision with Mass" effect as soon as the Dueling Field is created. However, two Field Spell Cards can be activated as long as the other Field Spell Card is an Action Field Card, seen when Sergey used the Field Spell "Earthbound Tundra" when the Action Field Spell Card "Crossover Acceleration" is activated, during his Duel with Jack Atlas.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, Field Spell Cards are sometimes played in the Spell/Trap Zones, behind them, or just in its own zone. The only Field Spell Cards that materialized the field throughout the anime are "Fire Prison"[2], "Armatos Colosseum"[3][4] (except during Lightning's duel vs Varis)[5], both "Trickstar Light Arena" and "Trickstar Light Stage", albeit briefly during Blue Angel's Duel against Specter,[6] and "Edge of Darkness" used by Ridley against Theodore Hamilton.[7]

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime, Field Spell Cards are back to be materialized as fields in a similar vein to that of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.


"Forest of Lost Flowers", a Field Spell Card in the TCG/OCG
"Royal Rebel's Live Arena", a Field Spell Card in Rush Duel



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