Fiend Night

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Fiend Night
Fiend Night
  • Fiend Night
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Number of cards52
Video games

Fiend Night

Fiend Night is the twenty-fifth Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force.

Each pack costs 100 DP and contains 5 cards.


# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
Dark Ruler Ha Des (Tag Force 1) Ultra
Great Maju Garzett (Tag Force 1) Ultra
Skull Archfiend of Lightning (Tag Force 1) Ultra
Dark Necrofear (Tag Force 1) Super
Legendary Fiend (Tag Force 1) Super
Terrorking Archfiend (Tag Force 1) Super
Pandemonium (Tag Force 1) Super
Goblin King (Tag Force 1) Super
Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World (Tag Force 1) Super
Dark World Lightning (Tag Force 1) Super
Lesser Fiend (Tag Force 1) Rare
Possessed Dark Soul (Tag Force 1) Rare
Infernalqueen Archfiend (Tag Force 1) Rare
Falling Down (Tag Force 1) Rare
Mazera DeVille (Tag Force 1) Rare
Emissary of the Afterlife (Tag Force 1) Rare
Goblin Elite Attack Force (Tag Force 1) Rare
6503 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Monster DARK Fiend 4 1800 400 Rare
Sillva, Warlord of Dark World (Tag Force 1) Rare
Gateway to Dark World (Tag Force 1) Rare
Dark Energy (Tag Force 1) Common
The Cheerful Coffin (Tag Force 1) Common
Exile of the Wicked (Tag Force 1) Common
Winged Minion (Tag Force 1) Common
Skull Knight 2 (Tag Force 1) Common
5310 Bark of Dark Ruler Trap Normal Common
The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler (Tag Force 1) Common
Soul Demolition (Tag Force 1) Common
Puppet Master (Tag Force 1) Common
Helpoemer (Tag Force 1) Common
Maju Garzett (Tag Force 1) Common
Pandemonium Watchbear (Tag Force 1) Common
Goblin of Greed (Tag Force 1) Common
Vilepawn Archfiend (Tag Force 1) Common
Shadowknight Archfiend (Tag Force 1) Common
Darkbishop Archfiend (Tag Force 1) Common
Desrook Archfiend (Tag Force 1) Common
5787 Checkmate Spell Normal Common
5794 Battle-Scarred Trap Continuous Common
5796 Archfiend's Roar Trap Normal Common
Inferno Hammer (Tag Force 1) Common
Kozaky (Tag Force 1) Common
Theban Nightmare (Tag Force 1) Common
6026 Aswan Apparition Monster DARK Fiend 3 500 500 Common
Grave Protector (Tag Force 1) Common
Giant Kozaky (Tag Force 1) Common
Zure, Knight of Dark World (Tag Force 1) Common
6501 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Monster DARK Fiend 4 1600 1300 Common
6502 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Monster DARK Fiend 3 1400 800 Common
Scarr, Scout of Dark World (Tag Force 1) Common
The Forces of Darkness (Tag Force 1) Common
Dark Deal (Tag Force 1) Common