Fine and Dandy

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Fine and Dandy
Fine and Dandy
  • Fine and Dandy
RōmajiNō Nō Dandi
TranslatedNo No Dandy
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Number of cards51
Cover cardMontage Dragon
Video games

Fine and Dandy

Fine and Dandy is a Booster Pack avalible in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4. It contains cards used by Sector Security and the Fortune Cup duelists who were used to test the Signers.

It can be unlocked by entering Rathie's shop with Tetsu Trudge, Mimicry, Georg, Hose, Lioside, Dean or Wade.

The set contains 6 Ultra Rares, 9 Super Rares, 12 Rares and 24 Commons, for a total of 51 cards.

Each pack costs 150 DP and contains 5 cards.

# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
Black Salvo Ultra
Discord Ultra
Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Ultra
Imperial Custom Ultra
Iron Chain Dragon Ultra
Torapart Ultra
3632 Defender's Mind Trap Continuous Super
Ido the Supreme Magical Force Super
Jutte Fighter Super
3618 Masked Knight LV7 Monster EARTH Warrior 7 2900 1800 Super
Montage Dragon Super
No Entry!! Super
Search Striker Super
Star Blast Super
Stone Statue of the Aztecs Super
Big Shield Gardna Rare
3644 Discord Counter Trap Normal Rare
Handcuffs Dragon Rare
Iron Chain Coil Rare
3617 Masked Knight LV5 Monster EARTH Warrior 5 2300 1300 Rare
Mid Shield Gardna Rare
Security Orb Rare
Spell Reactor・RE Rare
Spirit Burner Rare
Summon Reactor・SK Rare
Trap Reactor・Y FI Rare
3643 Wiretap Trap Counter Rare
3642 Assault Dog Monster EARTH Beast 4 1200 800 Common
Broken Blocker Common
Burning Skull Head Common
3619 Chariot Pile Trap Continuous Common
Eatgaboon Common
Fake Explosion Common
Flying Fortress SKY FIRE Common
3631 Gate Defender Monster EARTH Rock 4 0 2000 Common
Gonogo Common
Intercept Common
Iron Chain Blaster Common
Iron Chain Repairman Common
Iron Chain Snake Common
Jester Confit Common
Jester Lord Common
3616 Masked Knight LV3 Monster EARTH Warrior 3 1500 800 Common
Paralyzing Chain Common
Poison Chain Common
Pursuit Chaser Common
Skull Conductor Common
Skull Flame Common
Supersonic Skull Flame Common
3645 Terminal Countdown Trap Continuous Common
Tyhone Common