Finger Chikako

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Finger Chikako
Finger Chikako
  • Finger Chikako
RōmajiFingā Chikako
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationOtes' faction
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 03434: "The Shiatsu Nether-Empire Strikes Back"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
Chikako, Finger

Finger Chikako (フィンガー Fingā Chikako) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and a minor antagonist. She resembles Celestia Noodlina, but works as an "assassin" for Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, though she claims to be from the Shiatsu Nether-Empire. Her true allegiance is to Otes.



Full-body view of Chikako.

Chikako closely resembles Celestia Noodlina; she is also a petite young girl with a very pale yellowish complexion, blond hair, and aqua eyes with blue pupils and yellow triangular highlights. Her hairstyle retains Celestia's flying saucer "ring", but her clothes are themed around a drill; she has a small drill attached to her forehead. She wears a dark grey dress with patterns of drills, yellow triangles on the chest, and a red and white stripe on the bodice, and a bulging skirt shaped like a drill, with white orbs around the edge, and a metal garment around her neck with a drill pattern on it. She also wears light grey long gloves and boots with drills attached to the toes and fingers.

Chikako also mirrors Celestia in her capability of retracting her head and limbs within her dress, in which state she fully resembles a drill and is capable of tunneling through the ground.


Chikako has a similar bubbly personality to Celestia Noodlina, but has a darker aspect, calling Kaizo and Seatbastian flies and flicking Kaizo away and telling him to be quiet. She also denies knowing Celestia, though she mentions that Celestia is an alien despite Seatbastian never mentioning this to her. She claims to be from an underground race, politely greeting Seatbastian and Kaizo as "people of the surface". Chikako is generally unconcerned with the matters around her outside of her assigned mission, relaxing with her drills when Seatbastian's turn takes a while and not showing any preferences in who she Duels. She commonly utters the word "magu" in her sentences.

Chikako supports shiatsu masseuse, a form of Japanese body work that uses the hands, palms and fingers to apply pressure to the human body to treat internal conditions and maintain health, though Chikako practices a variation that is outside the normal definition by using specialized drills to apply acupressure. Chikako claims that acupressure will change one's life, but ironically the technique has not been proven to have any effectiveness.


Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

Chikako was sent to capture Seatbastian and Kaizo by Chevelle Kayama, and she found them sheltering in a cave, emerging from the ground before them and introducing herself, earning the attraction of Kaizo, though when Seatbastian mistook her for Celestia Noodlina she denied being an alien with that name. She quickly challenged them to a Rush Duel, and though Kaizo wanted to Duel her, Seatbastian, a massage chair Goha Enterprises Drone, took her on instead to settle the challenge between massages and acupressure as the superior bodywork technique, though Chikako didn't mind who Dueled her. Seatbastian's first turn took so long that Chikako settled down with her drills for an acupressure session, and she also swatted Kaizo away when he tried to cheer for her, telling him to be quiet. When Chikako Tribute Summoned her "Magrrma Shear 2", Seatbastian used his "Power of Throne" Trap Card to return his "Throne of Darkness" to his hand and force Chikako to draw cards equal to its Level, which Chikako took advantage of to fuel the effects of her monsters, including increasing the ATK of Seatbastian's "Dahut, Dark Ruler of the Chair" so that she could bypass the protective effect of "Power of Throne". When Seatbastian revived "Dahut" and Summoned "Throne of Darkness" again, Chikako used her "Heart of Geoatsu" Trap to increase their ATK and prevent Seatbastian from using the effect of "Dahut", though Seatbastian was able to make his combo work by reducing the ATK of "Throne of Darkness" with the effect of his "Dahut Abyss, Dark Mirror Ruler of the Chair" and destroy Chikako's monsters. Seatbastian defended on Chikako's next turn, but Chikako was able to destroy his two "Dahut" with the effect of her "Magmax Mantleveda" and defeated Seatbastian by destroying "Throne of Darkness". To Chikako's shock, Seatbastian began laughing and revealed that he had been stalling to allow Kaizo to escape. Chikako reported her failure to Chevelle before returning home.[1]

King of Duels[edit]

Chikako was present with Celestia Noodlina, Sweets Kakoko, Flash Umiko and Konvoy Sagawa at the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village when Hire Yureko brought Yuga Goha to them. They strapped him to a cross and introduced themselves, Yureko telling Yuga where he was. Otes then arrived to send a video message to Yuga Ohdo while informing Yuga Goha of his plans to destroy Dueling; Chikako and Celstia held up lighting panels for the filming.[2]

Chikako and her counterparts joined Otes in the Otes Robot, waiting beyond the lunar horizon for Yuga Ohdo and his friends to arrive and attempt to stop the lunar Drones from overloading the Goha Duel Server. They acted to throw meteors at the kids' shuttle, but after the second the shuttle vanished. To their shock, the kids had commandeered the Super Rush Robot so Yuga could Rush Duel Otes.[3]


Chikako uses a Pyro Deck that focuses on the Magma series of monsters, composed of FIRE and EARTH monsters with a shiatsu masseuse theme. Her monsters focus on sending cards from her hand to the Graveyard to activate their effects, and she puts a focus on manipulating her opponent's monsters to throw off their strategies and increase her own LP.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Seatbastian 34 Win


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