Fisher Sukai

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Fisher Sukai
Fisher Sukai
  • Fisher Sukai
OtherThe Informant
RōmajiFisshā Sukai
  • Duelist
DeckSky Fossil[1]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! episode 01515: "The Devil Wears Jersey"[Notes 1]
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!
Voice actors
JapaneseKenji Nojima[2]
Sukai, Fisher

Fisher Sukai (フィッシャー・須海 Fisshā Sukai) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! anime. They are a Skyfish alien made up from multiple consciousnesses who reside in the Alien Residential Area of Mutsuba Town, and operate under the identity of the Informant.



Full-body view of Sukai.

In their original form, Sukai appears as a myriad of lime green skyfish. Using their ability, Sukai can take on many different appearances, the most frequent being "the Informant", a young boy with messy green hair, donning an outfit befitting a detective or an investigator, comprised of a brown trench coat, with what appears to be a tuxedo underneath it, and a fedora.[3] Other than that, they have been shown to be able to take on the form of Yuhi and a horrifying mass of green specters. They can also merge into individual items instead of persons, such as a functional Duel Disk Deck container.[1]


Sukai is a mysterious character, befitting an informant, being privy to intel and secret information, and showing a fascination towards things they does not know about. They appear to dislike reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and windows, likely because it hinders their abilities.[3]


Sukai speaks in a sing-song, fairly flamboyant way. When pieces of them are around while the rest of them are in their human guise, they usually harmonize together with them. Sukai refers to themself in plural, using the pronoun "We-tachi" when speaking. Just like many other aliens in the show, Sukai often ends their sentences with a tic relating to their character, in their case "sky".


Normally, Sukai appears as a school of skyfish, a type of cryptid that appears as an elongated visual artifact in photographic images and video recordings. However, Sukai has the ability to merge into a myriad of different forms. While they typically take the form of a green-haired investigator, they can also mimic other people and even objects, such as a Duel Disk Deck container. Otherwise, they could also simply use their numbers to amalgamate and form simple shapes such as words on a sign. They even form the "To be continued" sign at the end of episode 16.

While not transforming, Sukai possess tremendous speed and agility, which caused them to be able to remain unseen to most people. They are also able to interfere with electronics in this form, enabling him to tamper with devices such as traffic lights to hamper potential chasers.[3] Each individual Skyfish is also assigned a body part of "the Informant" to construct; each body part may require up to hundreds of fragments to complete. Each fragment is assigned a code name according to which body part it would make, for example "Navel No. 81".[4]


When using the Japanese name reading convention, Sukai's full name reads as "Sukai Fisher" ("sky fisher"), referencing their cryptid of origin. The kanji characters「須海」that make up their surname can be read as "deep sea".



Sukai is an informant living in the Alien Residential Area. Many aliens who inhabit the area have at least a knowledge about them, but none have ever seen even a glimpse of them.[5]After Yudias' Duel against Zuwijo zir Velgear, Sukai took an interest in him, and had been researching him and the UTS ever since.[1]


Sukai uses a Sky Fossil Deck, comprised of WIND Zombie monsters taking on the appearance of Cambrian life forms. Their playstyle revolves around anti-LIGHT strategies combined with ATK manipulation and Graveyard resource management.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuamu Ohdo 17 Lose


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