Flame Ghost (Tag Force 1)

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Flame Ghost
Fureimu Gōsuto
Attribute DARK
Type Zombie / Fusion
Level 3
ATK / DEF 1000 / 800
Rarity Common
Internal number 4221
Password 58528964

Obtained by

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Deck Recipes

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Character Deck Level Qty
Bawnji Zombie Resurrection 3 3

Other languages

Name Lore
French Fantôme de Flamme "Crâne Serviteur" + "Dissolveroc"
German Flammengeist „Totenkopfdiener“ + „Steinschmelzer“
Italian Fantasma di Fuoco "Servitore del Teschio" + "Dissolviroccia"
Spanish Fantasma Flamígero "Sirviente de la Calavera" + "Disuelverocas"