Flame Swordsman (character)

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Flame Swordsman
Flame Swordsman
Corresponding cardFlame Swordsman
English name
  • Flame Swordsman
  • Male
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters episode 4: "Fortress of Fear"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters
Flame Swordsman (character)

Flame Swordsman is a character version of the "Flame Swordsman" card, in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters anime.

Flame Swordsman was the second monster that Joey Wheeler acquired in the World of Capsule Monsters.


When Joey and his friends were battling a group of The Wandering Doomed and Wood Remains, Joey decided that they would need to free more monsters from their capsules, due to how outnumbered they were. He then cracked open a capsule, freeing Flame Swordsman, who quickly defeated a massive amount of The Wandering Doomed and Wood Remains.[1]

Flame Swordsman battled Garuda the Wind Spirit at the Fortress of Fear. He was overpowered, but saved by Dark Magician.[1]

Flame Swordsman battled and destroyed a number of Medusa Worms. However with reduced visibility, due to the sandstorm, he and Thunder Kid attacked each other, mistaking each for the enemy. After being spat on by a worm, Flame Swordsman's body began to turn to stone.[2]

Joey summoned Flame Swordsman to battle Prisman in the second of the Trials of the Capsule Monsters. Initially, it seemed Prisman was no match for Flame Swordsman and Thunder Kid. Flame Swordsman was commanded to deliver the finishing blow to Prisman, but in his excitement Joey ran between the two while giving the order. By the time the battle resumed, Prisman was then able to attack with powerful blasts, by absorbing sunlight, making him a much stronger opponent. When Joey, Tristan Taylor and Thunder Kid charged at Prisman, using a fragment of the "unbreakable stone" as a shield, Flame Swordsman jumped up from behind them when they got close enough, allowing him to attack and destroy Prisman.[3]

Defeating Prisman caused Skull Guardian to appear. Flame Swordsman struggled in battle with him, until Yami Yugi-fused-with-Dark Magician arrived to help. After Yami weakened Skull Guardian, Joey ordered Flame Swordsman to finish him off, but Yami blocked the attack. The second half of the trial's clue said that they needed to be righteous and peaceful to succeed, so harming Skull Guardian any more than necessary would have resulted in their failure.[3]


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