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"Flint" and "Flint Lock" in the artwork of "Flint Missile"
"Flint" and "Flint Lock" in the artwork of "Flint Missile"
  • フリント
  • Furinto (romanized)

  • Flint

  • Flint

  • Flint

  • 플린트

  • Flint

  • Flint


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"Flint" (フリント Furinto) is a small series of cards that include and support the Equip Spell, "Flint". While "Flint" was released in 2004 with Rise of Destiny, the rest of the series debuted in 2007's Tactical Evolution. No new members have been released since.

Playing style[edit]

See also: Flint Lock Loop

The Equip Spell "Flint", like "Ekibyo Drakmord" released before it, is designed to be moved from 1 monster to another after the equipped monster is destroyed, allowing it to maintain better card advantage than similar detrimental Equip Spells, such as "Paralyzing Potion" and "Germ Infection".

"Flint Lock" allows for moving "Flint" between 2 monsters, without first needing to destroy the first monster, while "Flint Missile" destroys an equipped monster immediately, allowing you to re-equip "Flint" by its own effect.

Since the release of Synchro Summoning, "Flint" has almost no application for its stun effects, as it will not re-equip to another monster if the Equipped Monster is Tributed, or used as Material for a Summon.