For The People

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For The People is the second song featured on the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Soundtrack. The song is interpreted by the American hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.


I'd like to make a special special dedication
To all them special special people
That did all them special special thanks
Especially the Native Tongues and KRS
Can't forget Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh
A big shout-out to Freestyle Fellowship
Let me do this

CHORUS (x2):
Let's do this for the people
Let's make our mommas proud
Let's do this for the people
Let's do, let's do it now

Back in the day when I was a teenager
Before I had status & a two way pager
You could find Will listening to A Tribe Called Quest
Their Low End Theory made me wanna do this
You see you gotta understand that things go in cycles
Justin Timberlake is just a new form of Michael
It's called inspiration
That's the way it be
Without the Jay Dees there probably wouldn't be no Peas
So I'm a do this for those that inspired me to be
And motivated me to start my legacy
I give a shout- out to my man Eazy-E
A big R.I.P. cause he believed in me (yeah)
He put me down back in 1993
And now I grab the mic & rock the party
I got Joints & Jams for peabodies
And peabodies is short for family
They're my people


Raise up the heat
Let me blow up this track
I gotta pay homage to my peeps way back
Had a little dream hungry run rap game
And now the dreams are same but the game is changed
Back in '88 before I was great
I used to battle on the block as a b-boy & break (yeah)
Heavy while of course I used to water the bush
Used to leave fools' crews down & black & blue
Hip hop kept on at the Kiba Lawn
Ballistics & unity it all was the bomb
Blew up the spot when my mic was on
It was a good life, foundation, feelin was strong
I kept on (so I don't get left behind)
I kept on (so I don't get forgotten with time)
I kept on (so I could just bless your mind)
I kept on (for the people bustin my rhymes)


Getting bout it in my room
Back in '89
Freestylin in the cipher exercisin the mind
Just coolin with my grim Brand Nubian rhymes
B-boyin & breakin, Tribe behind the nation
Diggin in the place with DJ Motivation
Live and direct on your radio station
Rockin with the band, doin shows for fans, mic in my hand
Standing in my b-boy stance
Whoever thought that the Peas would spread like a disease
And infect the whole globe with hip hop & soul
This is for the people that love the Peas' sound
We still makin music, we holdin it down
This is dedicated to the Cold Crush
If it wasn't for y'all, there wouldn't be us
This is dedicated to UTFO
Grandmaster Flash & Kurtis Blow


Song Credits[edit]

Performed by: The Black Eyed Peas
Written by: Will Adams, Allan Pineda, Jaime Gomez, Om'Mas Keith, Shafiq Husayn, and Taz Arnold
Produced by: Sa-Ra Creative Partners
Additional Vocals by: Sa-Ra
The Black Eyes Peas appear courtesy of Interscope/A&M Records