Forced Gymnastics Armaments

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The Forced Gymnastics Armaments are a technology created by the Goha Siblings to disable the Super Rush Robot.


The Forced Gymnastics Armaments are akin to a small exoskeleton and strapped around the Super Rush Robot's head, neck, torso, arms, and legs.[1] They are controlled by the Goha Siblings' tiaras; Yuro Goha's controls the head, Yujin Goha's controls the left arm, Yuka Goha's controls the right arm, Yuran Goha's controls the left leg, Yuo Goha's controls the right leg, and Yuga Goha's controls the torso.[2] While they are active they glow pink and force the Robot to constantly move in gymnastic stretches. As Yuga Ohdo observed, this puts tremendous strain on the Robot's joints and will eventually shake it to pieces. When the armaments are deactivated they glow green, though they remain attached to the Super Rush Robot.[1] When the armaments are used by Yuga and his friends to move the Super Rush Robot, they glow yellow.[2]


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