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Before continuing on reading, please take a look at the anime-exclusive card Hyper Coat. I understand that they actually tried on using this as a support for the VWXYZ series but they separated it making the archetypes V, W, X, Y and Z. In the VWXYZ page, it says:

"The group has no actual support cards, but the Japanese lore of "Hyper Coat" specifies Machine-Type monsters with "V", "W", "X", "Y", and/or "Z" ("V", "W", "X", "Y" and/or "Z") in their Japanese names. The members of this series are the card's only valid targets, so for all intents and purposes they are an archetype."

But this statement is actually false in the cases of X, Y and Z because there are other X, Y and Z monsters namely the Crashbug and Debuggers and Geargiganto X in the X archetype's case.

Should we make saparate pages for X, Y, Z because they indeed have a support card but i also have no problem in making V and W a separate page but with only 1 member. And also we should change the VWXYZ from an archetype to a series because Hyper Coat doesn't support them all in all. ----SharkTenjo 12:56, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

Talk:VWXYZ#Support card.
-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 12:58, May 30, 2012 (UTC)