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Hi everybody this is my black garden deck it is a bit slow.It needs some fixes

For one thing, make your links proper; don't include x2 or x3 in the brackets.


I consider myself an expert on Plants, although I don't have the time to make a giant explanation on what you need to put in or take out. Leave a message on my talk page, and i'll be glad to help!!!--Akiza'sRose66 23:18, September 14, 2009 (UTC)

Useful Plants

I run a Plant deck too, the cars The World Tree is very good for any Plant Deck, espcially at destroying your opponants heavy hitters and it can bring back Plant type monsters. Another card that could help is Evil Thorn, this card can tribute itself to deal 300 points of damage and special summon up to 2 more onto the field, if you have Black Garden out, that's 3 tokens right there. Now if you may want to try out some damage with your Black Garden then Seed Cannon and Rose Tentacles could really help. Seed Cannon can deal up to 2500 damage easy and Rose Tentacles can wipe the opponant field and deal 300 points of damage for each Plant it destroyed. Light of Intervention can also help because it forbids players from playing monsters face down, therefor stopping the loopole in Black Garden where you could flip summon a monster and its attack won't be halfed. I hope this has helped you out a bit. Good luck with that Plant Deck User:RyuPhalian

Plants and Gardens

I run 3 of plant decks (tying to figure out which is better). I would take out 1 wall of thorns because monsters aren't that destructive because of Black Garden. Take out 1 Terraforming and put in Lightning Vortex. I would take out mind control and brain control unless it mainly uses Synchros. Put in 2 Lord Poison just in case Gigaplant or Tytannial gets destroyed. Other than those things and all comments above your deck is good. BTW Black Garden Deck is so far better than all of the other decks.

Add 1 Dandylion and 2-3 Debris Dragon, With that you can abuse the use of Dandylion, if you use Foolish Burial, send Dandylion to graveyard, you'll get 2 token, you can use the token for Pollinosis, then special summoned Dandylion from graveyard using the effect of Debris Dragon, then sync it to become any lv 7 drgn sync, and you'll get 2 token again.--Cl0v15 05:52, October 27, 2009 (UTC)

As a Plant Deck User...

I highly suggest the The World Tree and Evil Thorn. They are quite useful...