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I have suggestion about making a new categories that fit in this box, and removeing some of the present categories.

First, see this page. there are some categories that are not specified in specific thing. For example, "Action Categorie(s):" anyone can make Category about an effect that destroy card in the filed, but in the same time they can do it in "Monster/Spell/Trap Categorie(s):" box. the same go to "Life Points Categorie(s):". also in the "Monster/Spell/Trap Categorie(s):" anyone can make a Category about removing cards from the filed, there are a specific box about that which its "Removed from Play Categorie(s):" !!

I think we most repair this and make the Categories more specific so no one scruple about making any new category in those boxs.

My suggestion is to remove those categories boxs:

  • Removed from Play Categorie(s)
  • Attack Categorie(s)
  • Life Points Categorie(s)
  • Action Categorie(s)
  • Stat Change Categorie(s)

and make a new categories boxs:

  • Activation Categorie(s)
  • Player Categorie(s)

and rename "Monster/Spell/Trap Categorie(s)" to "Card Categorie(s)".

Activation Categorie(s) is the new box to put any cost/field condition to activate any card/effect. Player Categorie(s) is the place to put any effect that effects the player. and Card Categorie(s) for any effect that effects the cards.

there are alots of effects in the game which effects both the player and the card (the zones also). what I have got is those:

  • Prevent the card from the destruction, Prevent the player from the summoning.. etc.
  • Force the activation
  • Negate the activation
  • Select (Target)
  • Declare a name/attribut .. etc.
  • Inflict damage to the player
  • Flip the card
  • Reveal the card in the hand,Deck .. etc.
  • Pick up the card.
  • Shuffle hand/Deck/Field .. etc.
  • Shift Control
  • Equip
  • Move to another Zone
  • Put counters in the cards
  • Remove counters
  • Roll a six-sided die
  • Toss a coin
  • Change the stat (name/level .. etc)
  • Change the Effect
  • Change the Battle Position
  • Increase the ATK, life point .. etc.
  • Decrease the ATK, life point .. etc.
  • Double
  • Halve
  • Tribute
  • Destroy
  • Remove
  • Return
  • Discard
  • Draw
  • Add to hand/deck .. etc
  • Put (Place) in the top of deck .. etc.
  • Send to gravyard .. etc.
  • Summon

and more effects.

if there is thing that isnt fit in any Category. then its goes to "Misc Categorie(s)"

this what I have ideation. hope its useful. B. Dragoon (talkcontribs) 23:15, August 31, 2010 (UTC)