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At one point, I'm certain we've ALL bought one of the Structure decks. I still use the Invincible Fortress structure deck in casual duels. All of these structure decks have certain things in common; they cost about the same; they will always have the card list, unlike a booster back; they also all have a trump card. Many decks don't, but a structure deck's most powerful card is usually conveniently displayed right on the front, where potential buyers can see it. And they're not just pretty, they can be downright DESTRUCTIVE.

So, as you've probably guessed, what you will be doing for this competition is making a deck based around one of these monster cards. Voters, you should vote based on how consistent the deck seems to be, its power, and how well it exploits this trump card. For the record, here are your choices:

As there are 18 choices, 18 contestants will be allowed. No one can choose a card that has already been taken. Registration is over at the end of Wednesday, November 11. Decks must be in by Saturday, November 14. Good luck to all contestants, and may the best one win! Runer5h 02:02, November 9, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h


Here, please put your name and the card of your choice. For instance:

(Please note that this is an example - I am not entering this competition. You may still choose Infernal Flame Emperor.)


Wow, it's seven-and-a-half hours (by my watch) since this started, and no-one has chosen Caius the Shadow Monarch for an easy deck yet. What gives? Battlemaniac 09:31, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

I have.XD Flushy 11:20, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

... I didn't intend this section to be used for rhetorical questions. Runer5h 20:33, November 9, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

Sorry. But I have a question anyways. Can we start posting our decks by today? Flushy 22:07, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

Are we allowed to use both OCG and TCG cards? What exactly is considered "consistent" (for example, if I include cards from several different archetypes, but they support the deck well, is that "consistent"?)? Since I just signed up as a contestant, am I still allowed in the Competition? Am I allowed to bombard you with this many questions? --Shapesnatched, owner of Shapesnatch's Evil Mind Controlling Bow Ties, Inc. 22:33, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

Consistent means that it would perform well consistently. It has nothing to do with archetypes, etc. And you can use both OCG and TCG cards yes. You are eligible for entry as well. And you can ask as many questions as you like as long as they're all relevant, and haven't yet been asked.
As for Flushy, please don't. Post as close to the due date as is possible for you, but the deck contests generally work better if people post exactly on time. It's better for voting. Runer5h 00:23, November 10, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

Okay, I'm sorry, but I have one more. Obviously, the minimum cards we can have is 40, but is there a maximum (of course, too many cards is never a good thing)? --Shapesnatched, owner of Shapesnatch's Evil Mind Controlling Bow Ties, Inc. 03:31, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

The maximum number of cards allowed in a deck is 60, I believe.--Black Rose 03:33, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

I have another question, does the originality of the deck counts in to consideration of the score? Flushy 13:40, November 10, 2009 (UTC)

That's for the voters to decide, not me. Runer5h 20:10, November 10, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

Are there any prizes? I mean, I know you can't mail a card or something to us, but you could make a digital badge that we're allowed to put on our User Pages. Or something of the sort. --Shapesnatched, owner of Shapesnatch's Evil Mind Controlling Bow Ties, Inc. 12:52, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

No there aren't any sort of prizes, just the personal reward of winning a friendly competition. --Trivi-AM (talk) 12:54, November 11, 2009 (UTC)
I guess that's the whole fun joining a forum Competition huh? Haha~ Flushy 13:20, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

When can i submit my deck for this competition? --Reimu-H 20:07, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

If you would look at a previous question, you would see that you should try to post it as close to the due date, which is November 14, as possible. --Shapesnatched, owner of Shapesnatch's Evil Mind Controlling Bow Ties, Inc. 20:19, November 11, 2009 (UTC)

Endyimon Earthbounds

The OTK goal of this deck, is to gain multiple counters on Magical Citadel of Endymion, and set up my Master Magician in the Graveyard for his performance. The next act, is to Tribute two monsters to Tribute Summon my Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua. Once destroyed, by either my effects or my opponent's, all cards on the field will be destroyed, except for my Citidel, simply by removing one Spell Counter. At the same time, the Citadel can gain counters from my destroyed cards, such as Pitch-Black Power Stone and Magical Exemplar. This should load the Citadel up to enough counters to Summon at least one or two Endymion's from the Grave, using his effect. In addition to retrieving Spell Cards from the Graveyard as a back-up plan, I should be able to attack for up to 5400 Damage, possibly even 8100 if my Citadel has enough power to fuel all three Master Magicians coming back at once. The rest of the deck is mainly fuel to discard Endymion to the graveyard, while getting Ccarayhua to my hand. Please feel free to vote for me, I am looking forward to winning my first WDC with the power of Endymion, the Master Magician!!--Black Rose 02:16, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Caius, Emperor of Rogues

I did not wanted to post this as early. But seeing Black Rose did it, it did the same too. But to the main point. This deck is a variation of Tele-DAD, the deck which was killed circa. 9 Months ago. I tried different recipes surrounding Caius. But however, Caius, the Reign of Chaos was too "chaotic" indeed. Cards like Chaos Sorcerer and Level Warrior did not come in time. I tried Gadget Caius, but the tiny weeny Gadgets were easily stomped, not to mention if Stardust Dragon was on field, Widespread Ruin would be a Dead Draw, although deck thining was generally quick, and hand-size was not really a problem. Then came Absolute Caius, where I combined D-Heroes for draw power and Synchros and the hidden advantage of Miracle Fusion and Elemental Hero Absolute Zero. This was a Absolute FAILURE. Caius had totally NO LINK with Elemental Hero Absolute Zero.

I thought, I would have failed very badly in this time's WDC. However, I chanced upon Level Stealer. I combined it with Dark Grepher and Necro Gardna for protection. The Destiny Hero engine was added in for swarming, deck thining, and drawing purposes. Finally, pieced together with Dark Armed Dragon and Plaguespreader Zombie. RotA is added for its splashability to find main cards such as Dark Grepher and Destiny Heroes. Only 5 Traps were put in to maintain its speed. Level Stealer is used for tributes off heavy leveled monsters and can make use of it's abillity to do unique synchro summons. Such as 6-1+2=7! You can't do a level 7 synchro in this deck without using Level Stealer.

AFter all, this is my first WDC, hope I win, finally, after zillion times. Flushy 04:31, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Gadjiltron's Signature

There is a reason why I chose my username as Gadjiltron in the first place. Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon is one heck of a beast that retains an innate AG self-protection effect, gains effects depending on the Gadgets used to summon it, and is Special Summonable. This is what makes it such a fearsome combination with Geartown, since the field can pull it out from anywhere barring the RFG zone.

This Deck's a pretty much standard Gadget Deck, but with some things added. Giant Rat digs out other Gadgets to get the engine rolling, while also being able to search out Ancient Gear Engineer, another potent Special Summonable Ancient Gear monster that can clean out S/Ts in the way. Not to mention AGE comes for free when Geartown is present. Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is a staple for any Reat toolbox style Deck, being searchable and capable of bouncing anything, Sangan can search out any Gadget, Rat, or Engineer, and Cyber Dragon functions as a good beatstick. While the Deck likes to pull out AGGD through the use of Geartown, that's not stopping it from using Geartown's effect to Normal Summon AGGD at one Tribute and gain whatever effect is required.

The Spell lineup is pretty simple. 3 Geartowns to consistently pull out the Dragon from anywhere, 3 Shrinks to aid the Gadgets in surviving battles, and a Limiter Removal for a crazy finishing strike. It lacks the usual destruction Spells a typical Gadget Deck would have, all in favour of things like Brain Control to seize an opponent's monster and Tributing it off for the Dragon or Engineer if required.

The Trap lineup is also one to be expected of the Deck. Staples aside, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast is used due the plentifulness of discard fodder with the Gadgets searching each other out. Call of the Haunted is particularly useful with AGE, as Engineer would cancel out Call's attachment effect and remove it, staying on the field without assistance.

This is Gadjiltron, presenting the Gadjiltron Dragon deck. --Gadjiltron 06:28, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Legendary Wetlands

Yay double fields. They actually work, because i can just bomb the field with Levia-Dragon - Daedalus and activate Wetlands, allowing my frogs and Daedalus to sweep. This deck can pull double Dupe Frog easily, locking opponent attacks. Summoner Monk and Cold Enchanter help me dump Treeborn Frog and dead cards to the grave. Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus kinda takes the backseat here, but it is great when it comes to clearing threats such as Dark Armed Dragon, Judgment Dragon, Honest and others. Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind and Plaguespreader Zombie are staple tuners.

The Spell lineup is simple and to the point. Terraforming searches ALO and Wetlands. Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon are staples. A Legendary Ocean is needed for the Daedalus monsters. Wetlands makes my frogs fearsome(Seriously, Submarine Frog becomes a piercing 2400 ATK beatstick that bypasses every stall card. That is epic.).

Trap lineup is made of staples. The only non-staple trap here is Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord, that protects every single frog from ANY kind of destruction. --Reimu-H 14:45, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Jurassic Rampage

Please don't tell me you were expecting something else. This has got to be the most standard Dinosaur Deck ever. But that's not to say that it isn't good and shouldn't be voted for (hint hint).

Let's start with the monsters. For the big ones, I've got Dark Driceratops, Black Tyranno, Ultimate Tyranno, 3 Super-Ancient Dinobeasts and 3 Super Conductor Tyrannos. To help get them out I'e got 2 Gilasaurus for a free summon, and 3 Hydrogeddons for their amazing swarming ability. I've also got Kaiser Sea Horse and The Trojan Horse to help get them out easier, and Miracle Jurassic Egg helps too. Lastly, I've got 3 Destroyersaurus. It's a formidable monster anyways, and it helps me search Jurassic World.

For spells, I've got Brain Control, Big Evolutioon Pill and Soul Exchange to help me summon my monsters, and Jurassic World to give them a power-up. Fossil Dig means an instant level 6 or lower Dinosaur as well as a deck-thin, and Giant Trunade and Cold Wave let me attack without fear of spells or traps. Magical Mallet helps stop dead draws, and, lastly, if things dol go pear-shaped, I have Swords of Revealing Light, one of the best top-deck cards ever.

Lastly, traps. Call of the Haunted and Fossil Excavation allow even more summons, as does Ultimate Offering. Hunting Instinct works so well with Gilasaurus that I just could stop myself from adding it. Dimensional Prison stops attacks in a way that is difficult to prevent, and Volcanic Eruption can be a nice field-clearer if I have the ability to win on the next turn, or am in an absolute state. Lastly, Mirror Force and No Entry!! not only stop attacks, but also set up for Black Tyranno, and possibly Dark Driceratops as well.

All that's left to say is the most common phrase from the dinosaur times, "ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" Oh yeah, that and please vote for me. Battlemaniac 16:22, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Warriors and Machines?!

My deck is a variation between to different deck types, namely Salvo Dragon and a typical Gemini Deck, and the basic idea is to use Evocator Chevalier's effect as much as possible until my opponent has next to no field and use multiple strong Sycnhros and other cards to be able to get rid of any other cards which might otherwise get in the way. Now I know this deck was meant to be completely based on Gilford the Legend but I tried that and it didn't work out exactly, but he is still being used as the main "recycler" for the Equip Spells that have been sent to the Graveyard Chevalier which I can send to the Grave again to help clear more cards from my opponents field. The majority of the other cards mostly help me get Chevalier treated as an effect monster or are simply good Gemini support, the exception to this rule comes in the form of Black Salvo which is used with Ancient Gear Knight to help me to easily bring out Power Tool Dragon the main deck equip searcher.The other cards in the Extra Deck are simply Staples or give me more support for my Gemini monsters.

The Spell are mostly equip spells for Chevalier to send to the grave which (as I mentioned above) can be easily brought back with Gilford and if he isn't about Hidden Armory. The other non-Equip related spells are used to summon Superalloy Beast Raptinus using the Gemini's in my grave. Finally the traps are just used to give the deck some monster removal and revival, lastly theirs Gemini Counter which I'll use should my opponent try to use Heavy Storm or Giant Trunade etc when I've got a lot of equips on my field ready to be sent to the grave in the next few turns.

So there's my deck, I hope you can see past the randomness of the deck and see the potential in this deck, and remember to vote for me and my deck. --Trivi-AM (talk) 21:10, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Simorgh, Bird of Victory

Yes, I'm using this deck, just minor adjustments, like 3 Divinity(He's the main of course), and by doing that I felt the need for another Mausoleum. So, heres the breakdown from the deck edit section :P:

For monsters: I have 2 each of the Simorgh birds, of course. Also, I have 2 Flying Kamakiri #1's, to search out Whirlwind Prodigy's and Yae's. The prodigy's are for the Simorgh's (besides Dark). Anteatereatingant is for Simorgh, the Bird of Divinity, to mkae the damage easyier, but i have to watch out, as I am sacrifising 2 of my Spell and Traps. Strange Bird and Roc are for discarding, of course. Lady Ninja is for Simorgh Divinity, to help the damage go through. Mist Valley Shaman works for high-ish attack and discarding, AND is a tuner.Then we got Garuda, who works with removing discarded wind monsters, and Raiza is for clearing a Spell/trap.

Spells: MST and Heavy are for S/T removel( and I have to watch out with Heavy). MotE is for easy tributes, and Terraforming searches it out. Rising Air Current helps with ATK points, and helps Terraforming fit in better. Burden is for decreasing for attacks and the Burdens can be targets for Anteatereatingant.

Now Traps: All CAN be used for Anteatereatingant, but they have other purposes also. Waboku is for attacks, Anti-Spell works with Dark Simorgh, Call is for monster revivalm Magical Cylinder for attacks also, Solemn for protection, Dust Tornado for removel, Phoenix wind wing blast's purpose is like Raiza...except Phoenix is a trap. Statue is bassicaly for an extra monster and a good target for Anteatereatingant.

So...Yeah, I hope you took the time to read all of this =P. ExKizuna128

Disco Inferno!

Apparently, we're posting our decks.

Alright, so after scouting out the competition, I was scared about what I was up against. Not to mention that one of Trivi-AM's decks is going to be making me sing "It's a Zombie World after all" for weeks...

So, the focus of the deck. If you didn't get the Disco Inferno references, then this deck is a burn deck. Not only that, it dumps cards to the graveyard to burn. Apparently dead things hurt. This dumping will leave me ready to activate my trump card's, "Infernal Flame Emperor"'s, effect. This will help clear the field for the final blows from "Infernal Flame Emperor"'s fists of fury.

Now, I'm about to go over every card that isn't "send a card to the graveyard to inflict damage/do something else" or special summon more FIRE monsters.


It may look like a lot, but they're all going to go to the grave anyway, at, like, three at a time. "Genex Controller" and "Genex Heat" are to tune "Thermal Genex", who is going to have superpowers after all the monsters are in the grave. "Flamvell Fiend" is going to do a ton of damage, and "Real Genex Magna" is mosly fodder for "Ally Genex Volcannon" and "Thermal Genex". "Inferno" is a super burner with some "Salamandra" and/or "Brutal Potion" support, but if it doesn't get it, yay discard fodder. "King Pyron" is much the same, and "Solar Flare Dragon" just needs a little Pyro support.


"Dark Room of Nightmare" inflicts additional burn. The Accelerators burn and help clear the field via "Volcanic Scattershot", while"Salamandra" provides good ATK support. "Soul of Fire" may remove instead of sending to the grave, but it inflicts awesome burn. I may have said "burn" too much, but you get my point, and this competition isn't on prose.


"Barrel Behind the Door" is for "Ring of Destruction", "Ectoplasmer", and in case my opponent gains control of a strong burn card. Since I'll have a large number of cards in the grave, "Blasting the Ruins" is perfect. The tons of Effect Monsters in my deck make for a good time to "Ceasefire". "Brutal Potion" will increase a good 1000 ATK pretty much every turn. "Minor Goblin Official" is to wrap-up the burn before "Infernal Flame Emperor" punches my opponent into next week. "Destruction Jammer" is good general protection since I don't have much, plus another card goes to the grave.

I hope you will consider my deck and not think this sentence sounds too corny! It's a Zombie World after all... oh, sorry. --Shapesnatched, owner of Shapesnatch's Evil Mind Controlling Bow Ties, Inc. 22:24, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

Justice, Sanctity, and Light

I may not have unleashed creativity on this deck, but it works well. Very well. It works by maintaining 8000+ Life Points, while depleting my opponent's. The deck will set up field presence with powerful monsters, while it backs them up with traps. The massive amount of traps will allow you to control your opponent by negating (or destroying) anything you don't like. This also makes room for draw power, provided by Bountiful Artemis and the Parshaths. To protect my monsters, I use Honest, which makes my smaller monsters much bigger. For backrow protection, I have Magic Drain and Dark Bribe. These combat the deadly Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon, which can blow my Sanctuary right off the map.
Draw power, monster removal, control, consistancy, and Life Point gain are a deadly combination, and this deck has them. It will be interesting to see who wins this competition, as all the decks are noteworthy, but I hope you will vote for me, Blue-Eyes White Kid. Thanks for reading. By the way, the heading of my deck is 'Life Points: 10,000 to 0.' The first time I tested this deck, after the duel, the number of my Life Points was 10,000, and 0 was my opponent's. -bewk

Dragged Down into the Abyss

After looking at the other entries, I realized this competition is going to be tough, and making this deck was tough enough for me. At first I tried a control deck based around Diabolos and Dark Necrofear, but it diddn't work. Same with the Dark Scorpion based deck. I finally settled with this, which is a well balanced mix of control, beatdown, and killing my opponent's hand. I present to you...... the Diabolos Hand Control Deck!

First off, monsters. Axe Dragonute and White-Horned are beatsticks, while Breaker can clear the backrow so I can attack with impunity. Don Zaloog helps the hand control, End of Anubis locks down the grave completly, and Vanity's fiend locks down Special Summoning, and Gorz is just a great card. Krebons was mainly an attack blocker, but gives me access to Synchro monsters, which are mostly staples and other good cards. Also, almost any monster can be used for one of the Viruses, thanks to Mystic Plasma Zone.

Although there are only four spells, they are important. Allure is standard draw power, Burden of the Mighty helps the beatdown, Fires of Doomsday helps summon Diabolos, and Mystic Plasma Zone makes almost all my monsters usable with at least one virus.

The traps are what gives this deck it's power. Robbin' Goblin, along with the Viruses, can quickly empty my opponent's hand so I can abuse Diabolos' effect. DD virus can also shut down synchos since most tuners have low ATK, while EE virus can take out all spells or traps for three turns. Diabolos and the viruses also make Drastic Drop Off more useful because I can see what gets added to their hand and lessens the chance that I would use it on something my opponent can't use anyway. Call and Dark Bribe are staples.

In short, this deck can establish complete control over the duel by controling what's in your opponent's hand, or making sure they don't even have a hand! Man, Diabolos can be one mean Dragon. Anyways, thanks to thoes who read my entire post, and don't forget to vote for the Lord of Dr...Decoy Dragons!

Lordofdecoydragons 03:51, November 13, 2009 (UTC)

A Dragon's Potential

The red-eyes black dragon is said to bring potential, and that is certaintly true here. With chick, wyvern and darkness metal I can easily special summon red-eyes to the field and tribute it for red-eyes darkness dragon. foolish burial and future fusion set the stage for wyvern and darkness metal as well as bringing out five headed dragon. Masked dragon helps thin the deck and get flamvell guard out to synchro or chick to tribute for red-eyes. Inferno fire blast is not only the red-eyes' signiture attack but also provides an alternate win condition should I be unable to attack or my opponent finds themselves on low lifepoints. The rest of the cards are pretty much staples for any dragon deck.--Chaos soldier 18:07, November 13, 2009 (UTC)

Defensive Wall

Apologies for the lateness... as usual. The deck theme this time around is an impregnable wall, as suggested by the name of Machiners Fortress.

Rebuilding Wall

Fortress has an ability to revive from the grave or summon from hand through discarding machine monsters from the hand. To achieve this, Fortress can be searched out through Future Fusion and Gold Sarcophagus. Then to use his summoning effect, the Gadgets will constantly be making hand advantage. Of course, to prevent the opponent from advancing while this is happening, the deck sort of takes place in a Gadget Oppression-like style by countering the opponent's every move, through the likes of Dark Bribe and Shrink. These cards can also prevent the Fortress from being harmed, which would severly waste the opponent's resources in getting rid of one single card. When Fortress gets destroyed after a massive attempt, his effect to destroy a card or discard a card activates and severly punishes the opponent even more. And then the process repeats, by summoning the Fortress through his effect again or using Machine Developer's effect, which gains counters as my Gadgets or Fortress gets destroyed and use those counters to summon the Fortress again. If that wasn't enough, Pot of Selflessness can reuse the Machine Developers or Gadgets while possibly setting back the opponent from potential comboes in the grave, like DAD or Judgment Dragon.

Cyber Counterattack

After the opponent gets a little tired after getting through the wall, that's when the Cybers strike. With the addition of Cyber Dragon Zwei, the deck gets an added target for Overload Fusion to fusion summon for Chimeratech Overdragon, which then will attempt to tear the ravaged field apart, hopefully while the opponent has very few resources remaining from taking down the Fortress. Zwei isn't also bad when on the field by itself, as it becomes an 1800 atk beatstick while attacking and is well supported by the Shrinks and other stall cards present in the deck. Oh, and on a side note, Machiners Fortress can discard the Cyber Dragons into the grave, which can effectively set up for the Overload Fusion.

I sorta wish more info about the structure deck would come out, but meh, this deck does it all for me. Hope you guys like it too. Swaggs 08:10, November 16, 2009 (UTC)

Voting Time

<poll>Which deck is the apple of your eye? Akiza Flushy Gadjiltron Reimu Battlemaniac Triv Kizuna Shapesnatch bewk Lordofdecoydragons Chaos soldier Swaggs </poll> Vote your hearts out and enjoy a happy Thanksgiving! DemonGodAsura 23:57, November 26, 2009 (UTC)


Congratulations to Akiza for creating the most dazzling of sparkly decks! Great deckbuilding by everyone, and keep an eye out for more WDC's in the very near future! DemonGodAsura 16:25, March 10, 2010 (UTC)