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So, we're at the end of another year of dueling, and we have to end the year off with a blast and ring in the new one with a bang. So let's go back in time and remember some of those archetypes and cards that just didn't have a shot at the beginning of 2012 or were kinda ignored, seriously, we might find something interesting as the fireworks explode above us. Also, feel free to use the comments section to talk about your favorites of 2012.


  • All OCG and TCG are fine, as long as it has an effect.
  • This contest will be in September 1st, 2012 Banlist format.
  • You may not add/remove any decks from the Registration Area.
  • You will be given maybe 1 day if you are late to post, after that, you're out.
  • The deck post up date is January 8th, 2013.


1 contestant per deck.

Example of Registration

Jinzo will not take part in this event.

Finalized - Decks/Cards to Pick from

Comments, Questions, Concerns?

  • Due date extended to Jan. 8th. --Dark Ace SP (Talk) 23:07, January 5, 2013 (UTC)


Post up your deck with a short explanation of how it works, remember to sign with 4 tildes.


Side Deck

Monster Cards

So, with this deck I am attempting to "showcase" the power of the Heroic Archtype.
Most of the combos should be fairly obvious...
First, Dump: Heroic Challenger - Double Lance to the grave with either
Dust Knight or Foolish Burial then summon a Heroic Challenger - Double Lance
use it's effect to revive a Heroic Challenger - Double Lance from the grave and
you can basically get out a rank 4 xyz monster on turn 1 or 2 if you like!
I honestly prefer to let my opponent make the first move, then run over thier best monster
with a 4000 attack point Heroic Champion - Excalibur on my next turn!
I honestly also like: Heroic Challenger - Night Watchman and he can be supported by:
Enemy Controller and Book of Moon !
Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword is nice for additional attack power for a rank 4 xyz...
and if you can protect him with: Heroic Challenger - Swordshield OR revive him with
Monster Reborn or Call of the Haunted, then you can even set up the summon of a
rank 4 xyz monster such as Heroic Champion - Kusanagi or Number 16: Shock Master
and you just gave that monster an extra 1k attack points to boot!
Heroic Challenger - Spartan is tossed in to "round out" the deck and...
Heroic Challenger - Swordshield is useful of course for helping to set up a
bigger play on your next turn. (as it acts like an Honest for this deck type)
The Warrior Returning Alive is even better than Monster Reborn as it will allow
you to recycle Heroic Challenger - Double Lance !
Copy Knight seems rather obvious and will provide another piece of material for
a rank 4 xyz summon or at least for a Level 8 Synchro monster.
AND...Trap Stun can help you to set up for that last big push for damage!

Another obvious idea with this deck would be to try to perform an OTK with:
Heroic Champion - Excalibur !
But, OTK decks are normally not very consistent so I decided to only add some OTK stuff
to the side deck. My side deck here, also serves as a way to showcase some other Heroic
stuff that might be useful in the deck. Most of the Heroic Spells & Traps are designed
to modify attack stats. Heroic Chance is the best example of what the archtype
tries to do. But as with most of the Heroic support cards, they tend to have serious
drawbacks. Once again, Heroic Chance for example...
No direct attack? What's up with that?!
Heroic Gift is a card I actually would have liked to main deck, but after setting
your opponent up with 8000 life points again, the only thing to do after that is go for
an OTK with Excalibur assuming you can jack up his attack to 8000 somehow.
But once again, OTK = NOT consistent AND Your opponent will likely see it coming anyway.

Now, there was one monster in this archtype that in my mind had potential but really was
too much trouble to try to use. That monster would be: Heroic Challenger - War Hammer
So, you won't see him in the main deck or in the side deck at all.
Sure, he can grow in power. But, he has to be able to destroy something with less than 2k
attack or less than 2k defense to get started. Then, you are taking up back row space
just to support this thing. It was just a waste of card space in order to add him to the deck.

I just wanted to say a bit about what I came away with from this deck & archtype...
I like the engine with: Heroic Challenger - Double Lance...
being able to get out an instant rank 4 xyz monster is rather sweet!
Heroic Challenger - Night Watchman is rather nice as a monster, Period.
Its always nice to have a monster that can crush defensive walls easily.
Heroic Champion - Excalibur is good also, no doubt there. 4000 attack points?
I am a big believer in adding draw power to a deck, so...
I see potential with Heroic Gift. If a decent OTK deck could be made here...
I would add 1 or 2 copies of Heroic Gift without a doubt.
Overall, I had some fun building the deck and testing it out.
OTK is not exactly my style, but if it was, this archtype might be the way to go!

Also, in order to see if the deck was any good...
I did do some testing with this deck on DN and it had 2 good wins!
It beat a Spellbook deck and a Monarch deck!
So, overall the deck has great potential and if you can make the plays that push for
BIG damage then you can win with this deck!



So what the hell is this? It may seem weird for the first look. A whole deck based on the strongest Photon monster. Yeah, I'm talking about Photon Satellite. It can target a monster, and they both gain their combined levels. That means a really easy high-level Xyz summon, cards like Constellar Pleiades, Number 6 or 61 etc. And there is more.

Well, here is some explanation about the possible strategies:

Machine Duplication: Imagine you special summoned Thrasher, normal summoned Satellite and duplicated it. Now, you have 3 Staellites and a Thrasher and you can summon a Rank 4 and a Rank 5 Xyz monster Or you can Xyz summon 2 Rank 6 monsters. And here is Cyber Valley, you can duplicate him to gain card advantage and/or stall. Or if you have 3, you can use his 3rd effect to place a monster to the top of your deck, then banish the remaining 2 to draw the card from your grave and another one. Cyber Valley is super useful, and it can be reused with D.D.R. As this deck spams a lot of monsters, you need that draw. You always need more cards...

Kinka-Byo: You can revive Satellite every turn. Special summon one of your easy Photon Monsters by their effects (Thrasher or Slayer), by D.D.R. (Banish them with Photon Pirate or BLS) or Galaxy Zero or even another Satellite with One for One, and go for a strong Xyz. Then, you can return this card to your hand, or banish it with Cyber Valley to draw 2 new cards.

Stall: very good at stalling. You need the right cards together to do something, so this is important. You can use (and re-use) Kuriphoton to protect your life points for 3 turns. You can use Gorz, Zenmaines, Maestroke, Number 12 or Pleiades to defend yourself while counterattacking.

Other: I have to mention the lack of something: I do not have Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Although he's one of my favourite monsters and I tried everything to put it here, it is bad. If I use GEPD, I have to use Photon Sanctuary, Number 9 in my extra deck etc. Not enough space, and I didn't want to make a deck of 50 cards (not because all the 50-cards decks are bad, but because Satellite is essential, and I have to increase my choices to draw it early on the game).

That's all, this deck is recommended against anything (even strong Tier1 decks like Agents, Wind-ups, Chaos variants and DW. Meta deck strong against this: Six Samurai... It negates my spells, and that's very bad, and Dino Rabbit, well because Dino Rabbit is strong against everything). Weakness: anti-meta/stun/lockdown(Necrovalley, Skill Drain...)/etc. and special kinds of winning like Exodia and Final Countdown. The strength of this deck is quick Xyz spamming, the weakness is that it relies on spells and don't have MST and other protection against traps. Also, you have to use Cyber Valley, or else you run out of cards. Playing this deck appropriately can be hard, but always fun.

Nephthy (talkcontribs) 10:21, January 6, 2013 (UTC)


Beetron. He should support the Inzektor archetype, but he couldn't prevail. Nevertheless he's got a lot of potencial. Ok, let's take a look at the strategy. Insect Knight and Girochin Kuwagata, summoned by Rescue Rabbit for any of Rang 4 Xyz Summon. I decided to add Girochin Kuwagata instead of Neo Bug because for the summoning of Lightning Plover. Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior special summon by itself from the hand, what's great in here. Chainsaw Insect as a heavy 2400 ATK Level 4 beater is a must and can revived with Beetron. Tin Goldfish is a good option to special summon Beetron for an easy Rang 4 Xyz Monster with 3 Xyz Material and i like its 2000 DEF. Plus i can summon Abyss Dweller with Goldfish if needed.

Beetron. Seemly the main card of this deck, he summons an Level 4 Insect-Type monster from my Graveyard for Instant Xyz. Unfortunatly, there is currently no Rang 4 Insect-type Xyz Monster. To pay Beetron's cost, i play each 2 copies of Verdant Sanctuary, Burden of the Mighty, Fiendish Chain and Safe Zone. Verdant Sanctuary searches from my deck 1 Insect-Type monster if a face-up Insect-Type monster is destroyed by battle or card effect (e.g. Torrential Tribute), so i can grab faster Beetron or Aztekipede. It's a Black Whirlwind for Insects. Safe Zone protects my monsters or i target an opponent monster with it, use Beetron's effect and get rid of that monster. Magic Planter does it the same way to draw 2 cards.

That's my second participation at the Deck Contest so I hope you vote for me. :) TheGallisMan 04:18, January 7, 2013 (UTC)

Rocket Arrow Express

"Is good day to be giant man!"

When I looked at Rocket Arrow Express, I was at a bit of a loss on how to make use of it. With so many downsides hampering its useability, it gets difficult to even try to use it for an Xyz Summon. Can't even use Skill Drain to neutralize the effects, or Creature Swap to pass it to the opponent. There was one little thing that prevented it from being complete dead weight, and it's the fact that I can use it as Tribute fodder. What makes good use of fodder with enormous ATK? Great Maju Garzett. With this, it becomes a staggering 10,000 ATK, enough to force the opponent to scramble for a way to remove it.

And then comes the second part of the plan. CBLZ introduced Charging Emperor, which gave Monarchs (or anything that's Tribute Summoned) near-impenetrable protection, at the cost of locking out the Extra Deck. But with a nigh-unstoppable 10,000 ATK monster that is protected from targeting and destruction, who needs the Extra Deck?

Of course, when Rocket Arrow Express isn't around, there are other cards to help clear the board before summoning Great Maju Garzett, or to ensure that he can still pack a punch. Cyber Dragon is still decent Tribute fodder, being able to beat face on its own, turn Great Maju into a good 4200 ATK, and if Charging Emperor is lacking, sucking up opposing Machines to make for a giant Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (which will make Great Maju even bigger when Tributed). Caius and Raiza are pretty much the top 2 Monarchs, picking off pesky single targets without destroying them. Battle Fader and Gorz guard the field when I'm supposedly vulnerable, while also serving as Tribute fodder. There can be cases where I don't draw any Tribute fodder at all, or I urgently need to get something off the field. That's where Soul Exchange comes in, letting me Tribute off the opponent's monster to bring out a Monarch or Great Maju. The bigger the monster, the better.

The Trap lineup's a little different from my usual fare, because Rocket Arrow Express wants me to have an empty field first. Compulsory Evacuation Device is spammed to flip off Extra Deck monsters, and Breakthrough Skill is like an Effect Veiler that still can be used in the Graveyard. Bottomless Trap Hole is not as chainable as the others, but at least it makes removal more permanent than the other traps.

So, eventually, while this Deck is based on Great Maju Garzett more than Rocket Arrow Express, it does what most others can't do by turning the liability into an asset. --Gadjiltron (talkcontribs) 02:33, January 6, 2013 (UTC)

Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion

When I looked at Plesion I saw two things: 1) An effect to tribute WATER monsters (Atlantean synergy) and 2) A Machine-type (Machina synergy). The real binding factor between the Atlanteans and Machinas is Genex Controller and Genex Undine. Controller can be sent to the grave for a pop from Undine, discarded for Machina, or even Synched.

I didn't want to succumb to the temptation of making a cookie-cutter Merlantean build with a Plesion teched in, so I tried to keep the Mermails to a minimum, only using Abyssmegalo because it's so darn good. I'm running Dragoon at 3 to search, Marksman at 3 for backrow hate, and Infantry at 2 because we'll already be doing a bunch of face-up popping with Plesion.

For the Machines I'm running a whole set of Fortress's and Gearframes. If you have a dead Plesion or Controller they can make quick discard fodder. It's pretty nasty having a Fortrss and an Abyssmegalo on the field at the same time.

My Extra deck is designed to make the most out of Genex Controller and the Atlantean effects. I run both Genex Triforce and Triarm, because whatever I synch with I'll get an effect from both (pop an S/T with Triarm, immune to S/T in the Battle Phase for Triforce). Dewloren combos excellently with Abyssmegalo, allowing for two more Atlantean effects. WATER monsters like Armor Kappa, Leviath Dragon and Abyss Dweller help activate Atlanteans in a pinch.

The Spells are standard except for Double Summon, which I shall explain. This deck is capable of making a variety of plays and big monsters, most of which rely on having two monsters on the field to synch, overlay, or tribute. Chances are, if I normal summon a monster, it won't be there by the time my turn rolls around. That's why I need to make my plays in one turn.

I've tried to blend two powerful archetypes that have devastating effects into one cohesive deck. I hope you enjoy it! MachoCheez (talkcontribs) 06:36, January 6, 2013 (UTC)


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Rocket Arrow Express

Mecha Sea Dragon Plesion

The Winner

And the winner is TheGallisMan! --Dark Ace SP (Talk) 15:32, January 11, 2013 (UTC)

Thank you guys for voting me! --TheGallisMan 12:45, January 12, 2013 (UTC)