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Yu-Gi-OhMangaLogo.gif DUEL TERMINAL

Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Terminal where any user can duel others. Unfortunately there are no prizes but you get to duel users in any part of the world.


  • Players must be honest when Dueling. You must not lie about what cards you have face-down, and you must not falsify cards that you have legitimately drawn. Winning by cheating, only cheats yourself.
  • Users must be honest when dueling.
  • Bad language must be censored using **** (Yeah we know what you're saying).
  • Once both users have agreed to a duel, you Duel using a Chat Room or a Chat Client. Duel Summary is to be posted in a new Thread.
  • Please make a Decklist. This may seem tedious if you just made a new deck to use, but this is to prevent cheating. You can find the template here.
  • Post your decklist in the appropriate topic's page so both duelists will have access to it.
  • You should not delete other users' data unless an Editor permits you to.
  • Have Fun and Enjoy the Duel Terminal!

Card Allowance/Lists

  • For typical Duels, we follow TCG rules with the inclusion of TCG Cards. If both players agree, OCG cards may be used in addition.
  • Players may use any List on the Wikia, if both players agree. Historical and Video Game lists can be used for a Duel.

How To Setup A Duel

  • Find a partner and decide on Life Points and format of duel.
  • Start a new topic under your name and your opponents like this: (Your name) vs. (opponent's name) and if you wanted a judge, type Judge in brackets after your reserved duel. For an example of a neatly filled out topic, see here.
  • Start Dueling in any legal fashion you desire.
  • If you have to leave, leave since the duel will always be reserved under your name and you can always come back to finish a duel.

Current Editors

Editors are people who can change the rules and add things. You can be recruited as an Editor only if you follow the rules. Editors monitors your duels to make sure everything is okay and can delete your data if there is a problem. There are currently 3 Editors.

Participating Members

Many thanks to those of you who tried the Duel Terminal on the first week.