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I'm working on my Elemental Hero and I really have a problem with spells and trap balance. Here's what I have:


Avian x3Burstinatrix x3Clayman x3Sparkman x3Bubbleman x3Wildheart x4Neos Alius x3Bladedge x2 Neos x2 Necroshade Captain Gold Hero Kid x3 Neo Bubbleman Mariner x2Wild Wingman x2 Necroid Shaman x2 Mudballman Rampart Blaster Phoenix Enforcer Thunder Giant Wildedge Darkbright Flame Wingman Plasma Vice Shining Flare Wingman Electrum

E-Hero Spells and Traps

Polymerization x3 Miracle Fusion Fusion Gate De-Fusion Fusion Sage Fusion Recovery Fifth Hope H-Heated Heart x2 E-Emergency Call R-Righteous Justice x3 O-Oversoul x3 Skyscraper Bubble Shuffle Bubble Blaster Spark Blaster x3 Cyclone Boomerang x2 Feather Shot x2 Hero Heart x2 Fake Hero x2 Hero Mask x3 Hero Barrier x2 Hero Signal x2 Change of Hero-Reflector Ray x3 Feather Wind x3 Elemental Recharge x2 Mirror Gate A Hero Emerges Hero Ring Hero Spirit Hero Counterattack Hero Attack Monster Reincarnation The Warrior Returning Alive Dark Factory of Mass Production --Ajustice 13:02, March 31, 2010 (UTC)

Other Spells and Traps I could Use

Future Fusion Fusion Weapon Pot Of Greed Monster Reborn Rainbow Veil Magical Mallet Heavy Storm Swords of Revealing Light The Shallow Grave Rush Recklessly MST Reinforcement of the Army Fighting Spirit Amulet of Ambition Spirit Force Dust Tornado Trap Jammer Strike Slash Torrential Tribute Call of Haunted Defense Draw Draining Shield Raigeki Break Zero Gravity Compulsory Evacuation Device The Grave of Enkindling Seven Tools of the Bandit Magic Jammer Solemn Wishes