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Haou vs Catface

Type: Single Duel

Life Points: 8000

Format: Advanced

Results: Pending

Winning Move: Pending

Notes from the Contestants:

<Haou} You ready?

  • My decklist

my deck list


<Haou> You ready?

<Catface> yeah

<Haou> You wanna start us off?

<Catface> fine i'll go first

<Haou> Okay. Sorry, I posted the wrong deck, let me fix it. I said the Elemental Heroes, but instead I posted the Evil Hero deck. Do you not mind or do you want me to switch it?

<catface> up to you

<Haou> Start

<catface> i do what i did aminute ago


hurry bloody up

<catface> srry bu ive got to go to bed ive got a stomachache