Fox Fire

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Fox Fire
Card type Monster
Attribute FIRE
Types Pyro / Effect
Level 2 CG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 300 / 200
Password 88753985
Effect types


During the End Phase, if this card was destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard this turn and was face-up at the start of the Damage Step: Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. This face-up card cannot be Tributed for a Tribute Summon.

English sets


2004-12-01RDS-EN029Rise of DestinyCommon
2005-05-01SD3-EN013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionCommon
2006-11-25DR3-EN089Dark Revelation Volume 3Common
2012-05-24BP01-EN010Battle Pack: Epic DawnRare
Starfoil Rare
2013-02-08SDOK-EN018Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckCommon

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Renard Feu

Durant la End Phase, si cette carte a été détruite au combat et envoyée au Cimetière ce tour et qu'elle était face recto au début de la Damage Step : Invoquez Spécialement cette carte depuis le Cimetière. Cette carte face recto ne peut pas être Sacrifiée pour une Invocation Sacrifice.

German Fuchsfeuer

Während der End Phase, falls diese Karte in diesem Spielzug durch Kampf zerstört und auf den Friedhof gelegt wurde und am Beginn des Damage Steps offen lag: Beschwöre diese Karte als Spezialbeschwörung vom Friedhof. Diese offene Karte kann nicht als Tribut für eine Tributbeschwörung angeboten werden.

Italian Volpe di Fuoco

Durante la End Phase, se questa carta è stata distrutta in battaglia e mandata al Cimitero in questo turno ed era scoperta all'inizio del Damage Step: Evoca Specialmente questa carta dal Cimitero. Questa carta scoperta non può essere offerta come Tributo per una Evocazione tramite Tributo.

Portuguese Fogo da Raposa

Durante a Fase Final, se este card foi destruído em batalha e enviado para o Cemitério neste turno e estava com a face para cima no começo da Etapa de Dano: Invoque este card por Invocação-Especial do Cemitério. Este card com a face para cima não pode ser oferecido como Tributo para uma Invocação-Tributo.

Spanish Zorro de Fuego

Durante la End Phase, si esta carta fue destruida en batalla este turno y estaba boca arriba al comienzo del Damage Step: Invoca esta carta de Modo Especial desde el Cementerio. Esta carta boca arriba no puede ser Sacrificada para una Invocación por Sacrificio.

Japanese きつね



During the End Phase, if this face-up card was destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard this turn: Special Summon this card from the Graveyard. This face-up card cannot be Tributed for a Tribute Summon.

Korean 여우불

필드 위에 앞면 표시로 존재하는 이 카드가 전투에 의해서 파괴되어 묘지로 보내진 턴의 엔드 페이즈시, 이 카드를 묘지에서 특수 소환한다. 이 카드는 필드 위에 앞면 표시로 존재하는 한, 어드벤스 소환을 위해서는 릴리스할 수 없다.

Traditional Chinese 狐火


Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2004-11-01RDS-FR029Rise of DestinyAvènement du DestinCommon
2005-05-01SD3-FR013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionDeck de Structure: Le Souffle de la DestructionCommon
2006-11-25DR3-FR089Dark Revelation Volume 3Sombre Révélation Volume 3Common
2012-05-24BP01-FR010Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: L’Aube ÉpiqueRare
Starfoil Rare
2013-02-08SDOK-FR018Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckAssaut des Rois du Feu Deck de StructureCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2004-12-01RDS-DE029Rise of DestinyRise of DestinyCommon
2005-05-01SD3-DE013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionStructure Deck: Blaze of DestructionCommon
2006-11-25DR3-DE089Dark Revelation Volume 3Dark Revelation Volume 3Common
2012-05-24BP01-DE010Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: Epic DawnRare
Starfoil Rare
2013-02-07SDOK-DE018Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckOnslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2004-12-01RDS-IT029Rise of DestinyAscesa del DestinoCommon
2005-05-01SD3-IT013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionStructure Deck: Fiammata di DistruzioneCommon
2006-11-25DR3-IT089Dark Revelation Volume 3Rivelazione Oscura Volume 3Common
2012-05-24BP01-IT010Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: Alba EpicaRare
Starfoil Rare
2013-02-08SDOK-IT018Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckAssalto dei Re del Fuoco Structure DeckCommon


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2004-12-01RDS-PT029Rise of DestinyAscenção do DestinoCommon
2005-05-01SD3-PT013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionDeck Estrutura: Chama da DestruiçãoCommon
2013-02-08SDOK-PT018Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckInvestida dos Reis de Fogo Deck EstruturalCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2004-11-01RDS-SP029Rise of DestinyAuge del DestinoCommon
2005-05-01SD3-SP013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionBaraja de Estructura: Llamarada de DestrucciónCommon
2006-11-25DR3-SP089Dark Revelation Volume 3Revelación Oscura Volumen 3Common
2012-05-24BP01-SP010Battle Pack: Epic DawnBattle Pack: Amanecer ÉpicoRare
Starfoil Rare
2013-02-08SDOK-SP018Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure DeckEmbestida de los Reyes de Fuego Baraja de EstructuraCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2004-08-05RDS-JP029Rise of Destinyライズ・オブ・デスティニーCommon
2005-01-20SD3-JP013Structure Deck: Blaze of Destructionストラクチャーデッキ -しゃくねつだいCommon
2005-12-08EE3-JP089Expert Edition Volume 3EXPERTエキスパート EDITIONエディション VolumeボリュームCommon
2012-12-08SD24-JP018Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kingsストラクチャーデッキ -えんおうきゅうしゅうCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2006-02-07RDS-KR029Rise of Destiny운명의 시작Common
2006-04-29SD3-KR013Structure Deck: Blaze of DestructionSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 —작열하는 대지—Common
2008-07-05HGP3-KR089Expert Edition Volume 3하이그레이드팩3Common
2013-03-05SD24-KR018Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire KingsSTRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 —염왕의 급습—Common

Traditional Chinese

ReleaseNumberSetTraditional Chinese nameRarity
2015-10-03SD24-TC018Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings基本組 炎王急襲 STRUCTURE DECKCommon


2005-07-21RDS-AE029Rise of DestinyCommon

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