Friendship Games

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Friendship Games
The tournament's participants.
English nameFriendship Games
Japanese nameスポーツデュエル大会
Supōtsu Dyueru Taikai
StructureTag-Team Duel
LocationHeartland Academy
WinnerYuma & Girag
Runner-upCathy & Tori
Anime appearancesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

Friendship Games, known as Sports Duel Tournament in the Japanese version, is a tournament which appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It was hosted by Girag in order to get Yuma's and Shark's "Number" cards.


Its purpose was to help decide the representative for the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club, but its real purpose was to take Yuma's and Shark's "Number" cards. Girag told Yuma that if he made it to the final round, he must lose on purpose. That plan failed, since Shark left the tournament early, forcing Girag to fight in Shark's place. This made him worried due to the fact that Barians will disappear if they lose to someone with a "CXyz" monster. At first things didn't go well with Girag due to Yuma trying to fulfill his promise to Girag of letting their opponents, Tori Meadows and Cathy Katherine, win. When Tori Summoned "CXyz Dark Fairy Cheer Girl", Girag was even more worried about his disappearance. However, Yuma realized that Tori and Cathy were being brainwashed by the Barians and won the Duel with "Number 39: Utopia" with the help from Girag. The entire plan failed and Girag fled, with Yuma being chased down by Tori and Cathy. [1]


Duel Field Used[edit]


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