From the Underworld

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From the Underworld
"Tour Guide From the Underworld"
  • かい
  • 魔界 (base)
  • まかい (ruby)
  • Makai (romanized)
  • Demon World (translated)
  • des Enfers
  • aus der Unterwelt
  • del Mondo Sotterraneo
  • do Submundo
  • del Inframundo

From the Underworld, known in Japan as Demon World (かい Makai), is a series of DARK Fiend monsters.


Visually, most members of the series are uniform-clad women, accompanied by a vehicle like a bus or police car. "Tour Guide From the Underworld" and "Tour Bus From the Underworld" appear to feature the same woman at different points, before and as their bus is about to depart, respectively. She has red hair and eyes, as well as a purple uniform adorned with a small thorn-like pattern and a handbag with a skull present on it. "Beat Cop from the Underworld" instead features a different woman on patrol, with blue hair and a blue colored uniform, a similar thorn pattern and leggings with a pair of bat-like creatures featured on them.

The related card, "Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms", does not feature any of the women but instead features some at the time of release, banned monsters, being taken to the Forbidden Realm.


The series revolves around making use of DARK monsters to bring out monsters from the Extra Deck, primarily being Xyz Monsters and Link Monsters, though they can also possibly be used for Fusion Summons and Tribute Summons.

The aforementioned "Tour Guide" is able to Special Summon any Level 3 Fiend monster from the Deck upon being Normal Summoned, easily setting up the Summon of Rank 3 Xyz Monsters or Link 2 or higher Link Monsters, though the Summoned monster cannot be used as Synchro Material. "Tour Bus" is able to target and shuffle any monster in either GY back into the Deck when itself is sent to the GY. "Beat Cop", on the other hand, gains the effect to Tribute a monster and place a Patrol Counter on any targeted face-up card which prevents said target from being destroyed by battle or card effect. Though it will only gain this effect if Summoned using DARK monsters.

"Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms" is a Flip monster, adding a Fiend monster from the Deck to the controller’s hand upon being flipped face-up, excluding a LIGHT or DARK monster.

Members of this series have great synergy with Fiend-heavy Decks, such as "D/D", "Burning Abyss" and "Steelswarm", to name a few.