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The Four Dimensions.

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The Fusion Dimension (融合次元 Yūgō Jigen) is one of the Four Dimensions in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime, where nearly all Duelists use Fusion Monsters.[1] An organization in this dimension, Duel Academy, assaulted the Xyz Dimension, using an army of students to defeat the dimension's citizenry[1] and turn them into cards, considering the assault a "hunting game".[2] In the English dub, the residents of this dimension are sometimes referred to as "Fusionites". Alternate versions of Alexis Rhodes, Aster Phoenix, and Zane Truesdale exist in this dimension.

It is known that the Duel Academy's island is not the only location is this dimension. The island is surrounded by sea, which can be traveled through by boats, indicating that there are other areas existing in this world. Seagulls are also seen.[3] City also exists in this dimension where Duelists come from before enrolling into Duel Academy. After coming to the Fusion Dimension, Yusho Sakaki founded another You Show Duel School for Duelists who escaped from Duel Academy.[4]

Crystal like objects are shown to be floating in the sky throughout the Dimension. They contain cameras used by Leo Akaba and the Doktor.

Despite being known as "Fusion Dimension", Ritual Summon also exists in this dimension, possibly due to it not being a Summon from the Extra Deck.[4]

"Super Polymerization"[5][6] and "Ultra Polymerization"[7] also exists but most people are unaware of it until Yuri used them.

Known residents[edit]


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