G Golem

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G Golem
"G Golem Invalid Dolmen"
  • ジーゴーレム
  • Gゴーレム (base)
  • ジーゴーレム (ruby)
  • Jī Gōremu (romanized)

Anime appearances

G Golem is a series of mostly EARTH Cyberse monsters used by Earth in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. The Deck focuses on repeatedly summoning "G Golem" Link Monsters from the Graveyard using "G Golem Crystal Heart" as a catalyst. Despite not being confirmed, the Spell & Trap lineup that Earth uses does suggest that the "G" in "G Golem" stands for "Gravity".


Each EARTH-attribute Link Monster is based on a type of Megalithic construction, whereas the Effect Monsters are based on a type of earthen mineral:

G Golem Origin
Pebble Dog Pebble
Rock Hammer Rock
Invalid Dolmen Dolmen
Stubborn Menhir Menhir
Dignified Trilithon Trilithon
Crystal Heart Crystal