Gaia The Fierce Knight (archetype)

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Gaia The Fierce Knight
The original "Gaia The Fierce Knight"
The original "Gaia The Fierce Knight"
  • あんこくガイア
  • 暗黒騎士ガイア (base)
  • あんこくきしガイア (ruby)
  • Ankoku Kishi Gaia (romanized)
  • Gaia the Dark Knight (translated)

  • 暗黑騎士 蓋亞

  • Gaïa le Chevalier Implacable
  • Gaia the Ruthless Knight (translated)

  • Gaia, zorniger Ritter
  • Gaia, Enraged Knight (translated)

  • Gaia il Cavaliere
  • Gaia the Knight (translated)

  • 암흑 기사 가이아
  • Amheuk Gisa Gaia (romanized)
  • Gaia the Dark Knight (translated)

  • Gaia, o Cavaleiro Impetuoso
  • Gaia, the Impetuous Knight (translated)

  • Gaia el Caballero Feroz
  • Gaia the Ferocious Knight (translated)


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"Gaia The Fierce Knight", known as "Gaia the Dark Knight" (あんこくガイア Ankoku Kishi Gaia) in Japan, is an archetype of Level 7 Warrior monsters that includes "Gaia The Fierce Knight" and monsters based on it who all have 2300 ATK and 2100 DEF. All members are DARK, EARTH or LIGHT-Attribute.

This archetype is related to the "Black Luster Soldier" archetype. The "Gaia Knight" series is a subset of this archetype, although it is excluded from support.

"Gaia The Fierce Knight" appears as a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena.


With the exception of the original "Gaia The Fierce Knight", the members of this archetype have effects that make it easier to Summon them.

Gaia The Fierce Knight Summoning effect
Arisen Normal Summon without Tributing by controlling fewer monsters than your opponent
Charging Normal Summon without Tributing, but this card's original ATK becomes 1900 instead of 2300
Lord Special Summon by controlling no monsters while your opponent controls at least one monster
Magical Normal Summon without Tributing by controlling no monsters, OR if your opponent controls a monster with 2300 or more ATK
Origin Special Summon by sending 1 Level 5 or higher monster from your hand to the GY
Soldier Special Summon by Tributing 1 Dragon Fusion Monster
Swift Normal Summon without Tributing by having no other cards in your hand

Playing style[edit]

"Bombarding Catapult Turtle" can Tribute any Monster you control, including itself, to Special Summon a "Gaia the Fierce Knight" monster or 1 Level 5 or higher Dragon-type Monster from the Main Deck or Hand.

"Gaia the Fierce Knight Origin" can send any Level 5 or higher Monster from the Hand to Special Summon itself and counts as two Tributes for Tribute Summon of any Warrior-type Monster.

"Galloping Gaia" is a Field Spell Card that fixes your Hand Advantage with Monster Cards at no Cost. Finding other Cards that search for this one, in general, is the main focus of this Archetype at Deck Construction.

When "Gaia the Magical Knight" is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you can Special Summon any Level 5 Dragon from your Hand or GY.

"Spiral Discharge" is the defensive Trap Card that forces opposing Monsters attacks towards only "Gaia the Dragon Champion" and blows up 1 target card whenever they do so. The opposing player is unlikely to do attack, unless their Monster cannot be destroyed by card effects.

Running at least one "Curse of Dragon, the Cursed Dragon" can extend searching efforts into any of this Archetype's Spell or Trap cards; for example "Spiral Spear Strike" for Piercing and draw power, or "Spiral Fusion" to summon any Dragon Fusion, as well as give any "Gaia the Dragon Champion" Fusion Monster (which all of this archetype's Fusions are treated as) a 2600 ATK boost as well as the ability to attack twice.

"Red Resonator" can be searched with "Resonator Call" and use any Level 4 Monster to make the Synchro Monster "Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth", which in turn can be used to Fusion Summon "Gaia Drake, the Universal Force" for an optional Boss Monster that cannot be destroyed by Monster Effects. Some Decks like to use "Dragon's Mirror" and "Dragon Master Knight" with the support this Archetype gives, but is completely optional.

Recommended cards[edit]