Galian Townsend

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Galian Townsend
Galian Townsend
English name
  • Galian Townsend
Japanese translatedGalian Tazaki
NicknamesThe☆Heavy Cavalry Rangers (with Chevelle Kayama, Trapigeon and Caterpillio Zomyoji)
Japanese name
RōmajiTazaki Gyarian
  • Male
OccupationMutsuba Heavy Machinery
OrganizationHeavy Cavalry Duel Club (tactical advisor)
SchoolGoha #6 Elementary
Anime DeckMachine
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 02626: "Maximum Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
English voice
  • Michael Silberblatt
Japanese voice
  • Mitsuki Nakamura
Townsend, Galian

Galian Townsend, known as Galian Tazaki (ざきギャリアン Tazaki Gyarian) in Japanese, is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, and an antagonist in the Goha #6 Elementary arc. He is the tactical advisor of Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.

A character resembling Galian and sharing his voice actor, Mr. Townsend, appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.



Full-body view of Galian

Galian is a short and muscular tan-skinned boy with gray-brown hair, thick eyebrows that are a darker shade of brown than his hair, and blue eyes. He has prominent sideburns that he styles to appear similar to a moustache and sideburn facial hair in an attempt to come across as older. Like Asana Mutsuba, he wears clothing based on equestrian riders, though his is more military; a blue coat with a black interior, a blue undershirt, a black ascot, a brown belt white gloves, white flared pants, and black boots.

After he loses his Rush Duel with Gavin Sogetsu, Galian leaves his jacket with Chevelle, only wearing the white singlet beneath it. For his costume as one of The☆Heavy Cavalry Rangers, Galian wears a dark blue suit jacket and waistcoat over a white undershirt with ruffled cuffs, white pants tucked into white socks, and blue dancing shoes, in addition to a golden crown with the symbol for "six" (roku) emblazoned on it.


Galian desires to appear older than he is, to the point of styling his long sidebangs to appear like sideburn facial hair connecting to form a moustache and shaped beard, and styling himself like a veteran, calling other students "younguns". He shows utmost respect to Asana, having helped raise her from a young age, calling her the "great one" and angrily demanding Yuga use honorifics when addressing her. However, he shows little respect to students of Goha #7 Elementary or even his own fellow students when they break the rules, though he is impressed when Rayne forces him to Duel seriously. A staunch traditionalist, Galian desires to utterly crush Rush Dueling for Asana, but later comes to accept the notion of modification after Yuga Ohdo shows them that R0 was modified during its creation.

As with most Heavy Cavalry Duel Club students, Galian is incredibly attached to his personal Heavy Cavalry, GG03. When it is destroyed during his Rush Duel with Gavin Sogetsu he becomes despondent and leaves his position to begin anew at the Abandoned Dorm. Even then, he continues to desire to serve Asana, though after GG03 is repaired he returns to her service.

Galian shows himself to be duplicitous, going as far as to trap Yuga Ohdo and his friends at the Rush Duel Training Camp and later "rescue" them after the business he was conducting had concluded, while also hiding the fact that he had forced Rayne and Rino to join the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. This appears to be the exception rather than the norm however, as he allows Gavin to Duel him with the promise of being allowed to leave Goha #6 Elementary and intended to uphold that promise, and shows deep regret at abandoning Yuga at the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal.


"Tazaki" 「田崎」means "rice paddy". "Galian" is derived from the 1984 science fiction robot anime Panzer World Galient.



Galian helped raise Asana Mutsuba from a young age, having owned his Heavy Cavalry GG03 since then. He continued to support her by remaining in Goha #6 Elementary with her despite being older than her.[1] Galian was aware of Asana's friendship with Haruka Kamijo, and that it ended due to Haruka believing Asana had abandoned her while they were searching for a child on a snowy day.[2]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

While they were excavating at an old building, Galian, Asana, and Chevelle Kayama watched a Rush Duel between Yuga Ohdo and Roa Kassidy, and witnessed the appearance of Otes during the Duel.[3]


After the second Rush Duel between Yuga and Nail Saionji and the failure of Nail's plan to eliminate Rush Dueling, Asana vowed that she, Galian, and Chevelle would utterly crush Rush Dueling.[4] They made a deal with Goha Enterprises to have the parts of Heavy Cavalry remanufactured if they were able to do so.[5]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

Galian Duels Rayne.

Galian, Asana and Chevelle went to the Rush Duel Training Camp one night to spy on Yuga and his friends, Asana expressing her anticipation for her and Yuga's eventual Duel.[6] The next night, Galian and his fellow students dug a large trench around the Rush Duel Club's cabin to prevent them from interfering with their attempts to excavate something for Asana, but they were discovered by two other Goha #7 Elementary students, Rayne and Rino. Galian asked them why they were listening in and refused to tell them what he had done with Yuga and his friends, challenging them to Duel him for their location under the condition that they join the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club if they lost. Rayne refused, prompting Galian to call them cowards and his refusal to tell them what he had done with Yuga and the others convinced Rayne to accept his challenge. Rayne opposed Galian with several Set monsters, which proved to be perfect for Galian to set up a One Turn Kill with "Drilling Mandrill", though Rayne changed Galian's monsters to Defense Position before he could declare his final attack. Rayne brought out two "Etraynze the Shadow Flower Ninja" on her next turn, and though Galian believed he would be safe from damage, she used "Powerful Pierce!!" to allow them to inflict damage, though Galian survived the turn. Declaring that he intended to crush Rush Dueling, Galian revived "Drilling Mandrill" and used "Darkness Approaches" to change "Etranzer" into face-down Defense Position, allowing him to win with the effect of "Drilling Mandrill". Despite Rayne's loss, Galian congratulated her for making him Duel seriously and welcomed her and Rino to the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. That evening, Galian freed Yuga, Lucidien "Luke" Kallister, Romin Kassidy and Gavin Sogetsu from the cabin, claiming to have happened upon them and denying having seen Rayne and Rino when Gavin asked if he had.[7] Galian was also present when Asana created her Maximum Monster, "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", from Duel ID cards in the Duel Disk prototypes that had been discarded in the mine on the outskirts of Goha City.[8]

Galian and Chevelle accompanied Asana and the rest of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to the old Goha #6 Elementary campus, where they discovered many Goha 6th students led by Janko participating in the Dark Rush Duel Tournament, in addition to Yuga and his friends. Yuga's casual addressing of Asana infuriated Galian, who ordered him to use honorifics while addressing Asana, though he was shocked to learn that R6 had taken to Yuga. Galian oversaw the demolition of the old campus, but was shocked when Yuga challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to let the Goha 6th students Rush Duel freely, once again telling Yuga to use honorifics until Asana snapped that Yuga could address her how he wanted. Galian and Chevelle flanked Asana during the Duel, Galian explaining the rules to her as the only member present who had Rush Dueled before, but was shocked when Asana found the Duel interesting and urged her to keep quiet. Despite Yuga making a comeback, Asana once again expressed interest in the Duel, prompting Galian to urge her to keep quiet again. Fortunately, Asana drew her Maximum Monsters on her next turn and successfully Maximum Summoned, defeating Yuga and forcing him and his friends to transfer to Goha #6 Elementary.[9]

Galian oversaw the morning walk to Goha #6 Elementary the next school day, telling Gavin off for his complaints that it would impair Student Council work by reminding him that he was no longer Goha 7th's Student Council President. After school that day, Galian, Chevelle and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club overheard Yuga and his friends talking about leaving the school if they defeated the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club in a Rush Duel, and Galian told them that would never happen, though Gavin challenged him regardless, wanting to avenge Rayne's loss. Galian brought out "Drilling Mandrill" on his first turn, but Gavin was able to destroy it and gain a significant lead with his "Yamiruler the Dark Delayer", preventing Galian from Tribute Summoning high-Level monsters on his next turn, while also damaging GG03. Chevelle recommended Galian end the Duel, but Galian refused and continued, bringing out "Shield Boring Kong" after flipping "Yamiruler" face-down to destroy it, though Gavin was able to save himself with a Trap that changed "Shield Boring Kong" to Defense Position. When Gavin brought out the high-Level "Umegumi the Ruler's Squad" on his next turn, Galian seized the chance to change "Shield Boring Kong" back to Attack Position and increase its ATK with "Heavy Cavalry Starter", but Gavin Tribute Summoned "Semeruler the Dark Summoner" and used its effect to Special Summon "Yurushima Sage" from his hand, changing "Shield Boring Kong" back to Defense Position and reducing its DEF low enough for "Umegumi" to destroy, allowing "Semeruler" to defeat Galian and destroy GG03. Lamenting the loss of his Heavy Cavalry, Galian admitted to Rayne that she had a very strong master and gave his jacket to Chevelle before leaving Goha #6 Elementary.[1]

Deciding to go back to the basics, Galian went to the Abandoned Dorm, which Yuga and his friends were also sent to after Asana overruled the conditions of Galian and Gavin's Duel. Galian joined them in laboring at the mine, telling them to be careful with their shovels and carressing his own now that he lacked GG03.[10] After Yuga and his fellow transfer students escaped into the mine, Galian learned that Caterpillio Zomyoji had tried to dismantle Yuga's Road Laboratory without instruction from Asana, and he tunneled to the Road Laboratory to stop him, arriving after Haruka, now going by "Tiger", had defeated Zomyoji in a Rush Duel, though Zomyoji was trying to dismantle the Road Laboratory regardless. Galian ordered him to stop, explaining to Tiger that Asana had not ordered Zomyoji to act on his own and reassuring Zomyoji that he understood that he wanted to protect Asana before leaving with him.[11] After he informed Asana of Zomyoji's actions, Galian became so agitated that he tunneled to the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum where Chevelle and Trapigeon were waiting for Yuga and his friends. Galian was pleased that he had arrived so quickly, but the effort had exhausted him, though he insisted on being allowed to Duel against Yuga and his friends again to protect Asana. When Yuga and his friends arrived at the Colosseum, Galian announced his intent to Duel them, and leave Goha #6 Elementary forever if he lost, but his exhaustion finally caught up with him, and he passed out on the stairway. Rayne caught him, and Galian mistook her for Asana as he fell unconscious.[12]

By the time Galian recovered, Luke had defeated Chevelle and Trapigeon and Yuga and his friends had continued onto the mine. Galian was forced to use a crutch as he joined Chevelle, Trapigeon, Asana, Zomyoji and six other Heavy Cavalry Duel Club students in pursuing Yuga and his friends, who they found speculating how Asana obtained her Maximum Monsters. Asana praised Yuga's correct deductions, and though Galian and Chevelle tried to hush her from expressing pride at Yuga's deductions she ordered them to stand down, insisting that their secrets were no longer secret. She challenged Yuga to another Rush Duel, agreeing to allow Goha #6 students to Rush Duel freely if she lost, but on the condition that Rush Dueling would be banned at all Goha Elementary schools if she won. Galian and Chevelle flanked Asana during the Duel, and Asana quickly Maximum Summoned "Wyrm Excavator". To his surprise, Asana revealed that she was aware Yuga had a Maximum in his Deck, but she expressed her disappointment when Yuga claimed that he wasn't using Nail's "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", something Galian picked up on. To his surprise, Yuga explained that he had instead collected enough stable Duel ID cards from the Duel Disks in the mine to recreate "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord". Galian was worried when Yuga increased the ATK of "Magnum Overlord" far higher than "Wyrm Excavator", but Asana was able to make their ATK the same and they clashed. To Galian's shock, the two sets of Maximum cards began to disintegrate, and he realized that whoever's Maximum disintegrated first would lose.[8] Both Maximums disintegrated at the same time, allowing the Duel to continue, but as Asana pushed Yuga into a corner R6 began to deteriorate. Although Galian insisted that this was their problem, Asana revealed the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club's goals to Yuga and his friends, prompting Luke to dismiss the club's traditions as silly hang-ups, much to Galian's anger. R6 continued to break down as Asana continued her turn, but Chevelle and Zomyoji were able to stabilize it. Yuga was able to survive Asana's attacks and counterattack, causing R6 to begin breaking apart; Galian joined his fellow Heavy Cavalry Duel Club members in binding it together until Yuga declared his final attack. When R6 exploded after the final blow, Galian and Chevelle protected Asana from the impact, but Galian broke down in tears after the Heavy Cvaalry's destruction. After the Duel Yuga revealed that R0, the Mutsuba-style Mobile Duel Device, had been buried in the mine as well and had been modified in the past, much to Galian's shock. These revelations prompted the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to accept the notion of modification, and Galian to rejoin Goha #6 Elementary. Galian watched in admiration as Janko informed the students they were allowed to Rush Duel and Yuga repaired R6 for Asana, eagerly asking him to repair GG03 next.[5]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Luke called Asana to ask permission to dig in her mine, so Galian accompanied Asana and Chevelle to the Abandoned Dorm to meet with Luke and Hunt Goto. Luke told them about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, but to Galian suprirse Luke admitted that Yuga wasn't participating, though he wasn't sure why. To their surprise, when they entered the mine they found it covered in lights that made it look like outer space, and encountered Goha #5 Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron, who claimed to be looking for Maximum Monsters after seeing Asana create "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", something Galian found ridiculous given the mine was under their jurisdiction. Their leader, Braun Honya, challenged Asana to a Rush Duel for the right to Duel in the mine, much to Galian's anger, but Asana agreed on the condition Braun Duel Luke instead, confiding to Galian and Chevelle that she was curious as to whether Luke would find himself in the Duel. Braun gave Luke some trouble, but Luke was eventually able to defeat him. After the Duel, Romin and Gavin arrived, and Asana gave Luke permission to excavate in the mine, with Luke telling the Space Operations Duel Squadron they could join them.[13]

Galian, Asana and Chevelle were going to represent the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, but Asana called in sick on the day of the registration and urged them to compete, suggesting they substitute Trapigeon for her.[3] She also gave Galian a blank Duel ID card that she had found in her mine to give to Yuga, having intended to give it to him in person.[14] Unfortunately the tournament overseers refused to allow Trapigeon to enter on the grounds of being an animal, and Chevelle's passionate defense of his friend attracted the attention of Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin. Luke suggested that Yuga could join their team, though Yuga protested that he only planned on spectating. Otes then approached Yuga and challenged him to a Rush Duel, claiming to know the true purpose of the tournament. Opposing Yuga with "Summoned Skull", a strategy that Galian respected, Otes quickly pushed him into a corner and cautioned him about letting Rush Dueling become as strict as Goha Dueling. Yuga made a comeback, but Galian believed he had lost when Otes returned all the monsters in Yuga's Graveyard to his Deck, preventing him from increasing the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" with its effect. Fortunately Yuga was able to increase the ATK of "Sevens Road Magician" with "Sevens Twin Burst" and defeat Otes. After the Duel, Yuga agreed to join Galian and Chevelle's team for the tournament, and after Otes was arrested, Yuga joined them in heading to the registration, though they ran into issues signing in due to their Heavy Cavalry.[3]

Galian, Yuga, Chevelle and Trapigeon watched the Goha President's opening speech, and Chevelle expressed his surprise at the President's stature and voice. To their surprise, Roa, Tyler Getz and Toombs interrupted Goha's speech and Roa challenged the President to a Rush Duel. Chevelle, Galian and Yuga watched the ensuing Rush Duel, though Galian spent the entirety of the Duel with his head stuck between the bars of Goha's "Prison Island Ane Go Rock" Field Spell. Roa was overpowered and pushed into a corner that Galian believed would be difficult to recover from, though Yuga believed Roa would be able to win and was eventually proven correct. After the Duel, Zomyoji contacted Galian and Chevelle and requested backup at Asana's side. Though they regretted having to withdraw from the tournament and leave Yuga behind, they nevertheless made the decision to do so and apologized to Yuga, who reassured them that it was fine and urged them to go to Asana.[15] Before they left, Galian gave Yuga the blank Duel ID card and explained that it was from Asana, who had intended to give it to Yuga herself.[14]

Galian, Chevelle and Trapigeon found Asana and Zomyoji waiting for them outside the Abandoned Dorm, where the mineshaft to Maximum Mountain had been forced open. Galian admonished Asana for deceiving them, though he was brought to tears of joy when she told him she was happy they'd come to her. They ventured into the mine to find Goha 66 excavating there and confronted him over his purpose, though the leader of Goha 66 claimed elementary schoolers would never understand what salarymen thought and insulted them and their Heavy Cavalry. Tiger then arrived to assist them against Goha 66, blowing Galian away and into Goha 66 himself after Asana called her by her first name.[16] Galian, Zomyoji, Trapigeon and Tiger defeated all the members of Goha 66, but then Tiger challenged Asana to a Duel to settle their rivalry. Before they could clash, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Saburamen, Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi arrived with a captured Kaizo, who had joined Goha 66 and Luke used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal Goha 66's plan; to take over Goha Enterprises and the Dueling world by gaining control of the main Dueling server buried beneath Maximum Mountain.[17] Galian learned that Luke was Tiger's younger brother. Chevelle asked Galian and Zomyoji about the rivalry between Asana and Tiger, and Galian began explained their falling out, but Tiger yelled them into a wall for talking behind her back. Asana and Tiger Rush Dueled, and during Asana's turn she activated "Snows of Blisstopia", prompting her and Tiger to recall the day their friendship had ended. Tiger explained that Luke had gone missing on a snowy day and she and Asana had split up to look for him, accusing Asana of abandoning her after they parted; Galian was shocked to learn that they had been looking for Luke. Chevelle and Trapigeon he interrupted the Duel after Trapigeon returned, explaining to everyone what had really happened, prompting Asana to apologize and Tiger to forgive her, much to Galian's joy. Galian watched as Asana defeated Tiger, but when Tiger shouted Luke away after the Duel, she shattered a wall that revealed the supposed main server. However, the server proved to be too small and Goha 66 crumpled in disappointment with a note reading "My best, most awesome plan to take over Goha".[2]

Galian, Asana, Chevelle, Trapigeon, Zomoyji and Tiger all attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal the next day at Goha Stadium, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gavin's Duel against Nail, where they were shocked by his new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin eventually returned to his normal persona after a power outage in the stadium and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[18][19]

Galian watched Yuga and Luke's Rush Duel, disappointed when Yuga changed his hand with "Amazing Dealer" and only Summoned "Sevens Road Magician"; Asana explaining that he'd started with a bad hand. He was impressed by Yuga's Maximum Summon of "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan". To Galian's shock the power in the stadium began to fail again, revealed to be due to the Goha Duel Server being hacked, and Zomyoji witnessed the revelation of the Goha Duel Server on the moon and the Rush Duel Program contained within, under attack by Goha Enterprises Drones. Asana realized that the Drones were uninstalling it and had been all tournament, likely under the orders of Otes.[20] After a power spike was detected beneath Goha Stadium, Galian, Zomyoji, Chevelle, and Trapigeon headed into the tunnels to destroy the device responsible, Zomyoji breaking down the doors with his tools while Galian destroyed The Relic that Otes had apparently been using to hack the server with GG03 and reported back to Tiger and Asana, though the uninstallation continued. Despite knowing their Duel would complete the uninstallation, Yuga and Luke continued to Duel. Galian returned to the surface in time for the final turn, commenting on Yuga and Luke's moves, and witnessed Luke's eventual victory. As Galian applauded Luke's victory, Rush Dueling was uninstalled, but Yuga and Nail were able to reinstall the program and install it in the Super Rush Robot to protect it from another attack. Galian then watched Luke's coronation as King of Duels.[21]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

The true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth, evicted the current president, Mimi Imimi, and challenged Yuga and his friends to Rush Duels with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments that would shake it apart unless Yuga defeated the six siblings.[22] Galian, Trapigeon and Zomyoji all offered their Duel ID cards to Asana to allow her to recreate "Wyrm Excavator the Heavy Cavalry Draco", but she declined their offer and asked to use their ace monsters in her Deck instead; Galian gave Asana his "Shield Boring Kong".[23]

Asana learned Tiger was training at Maximum Mountain and she called the Rush Duel Club to meet with her, Galian, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Zomyoji before taking them to the tiger-shaped outcrop that Tiger had been relentlessly carved. Tiger when she fell from the outcrop in exhaustion, and Asana quickly had Galian elevate her to catch Tiger on GG03. Galian learned that Tiger had been training due to her defeat in a Rush Duel by her brother, who had joined Yuo Goha. Yuo then arrived in Super Mobile Fortress Sixross with Nail for the day's Duel, which Asana accepted in Tiger's place. Nail Maximum Summone "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" on his first turn and Asana opposed it by backing up "Constructor Wyrm Buildragon" with her friends' ace monsters, including Galian's "Shield Boring Kong", and he and Chevelle agreed matching the ATK of "Buildragon" with "Yggdrago" to be a worthy sacrifice, though Nail was able to avoid Asana's attack. Nail Maximum Summoned "Yggdrago" again on his next turn and Asana defended with "Shield Boring Kong", "Night Vision the Phantom Pigeon" and "Beast Drive Mega Elephant", but Nail was able to break though them all by reusing the Maximum effects of "Yggdrago". Fortunately Asana was able to survive by reducing the ATK of "Yggdrago" and on her next turn she Summoned a new ace, "Constructor Heavenly Wyrm Gantry Dragon", reviving "Buildragon" and "Constructor Demolition Wyrm Dracrush". Once again she used her friends' aces to increase the ATK of her "Dracrush" and reduce the ATK of "Yggdrago", eventually defeating Nail, a victory Galian praised.[23]

Nail resigned from Goha Enterprises after the Duel and left with Seatbastian, and Yuga challenged The☆Lukeman to a final Rush Duel.[23] To Galian's surprise, after The☆Lukeman donned a costume that he referred to as his "Perfect Mode", Yuga donned his own costume, "Majin Yuga". The other Goha Siblings and Mimi then arrived and explained what was going on: The☆Lukeman was an electronic lifeform created when Tiger had tried to fax The☆Lukeman manga Luke had written as a child and had struck it in frustration, causing a burst of energy that became sentient and created the "Fusion" cards from Program storage cards in the remains of Goha satellites destroyed by Nail eight years previously. The☆Lukeman desired to become one with Luke, which was why it had sought him out, and Yuga wanted to help The☆Lukeman, which was the reason behind his costume as "Majin Yuga". Galian and the others were so distracted by the revelations they didn't notice The☆Lukeman had Fusion Summoned "Superstrike Dragon Dragiastar F" and almost defeated Majin Yuga, but Yuga was able to barely survive. Yuga then assumed a new guise, "The☆Yugaman", claiming to be an ally of The☆Lukeman, and Galian and the others were provided with costumes as well.[24] Galian, Chevelle and Zomyoji took on the personas of "The☆Heavy Cavalry Rangers" alongside "The☆Princess Asana", and joined the others in convincing The☆Lukeman they weren't his enemies, but having "The☆Beauty Romin" be captured by the "Goha Aliens" played by the Goha Siblings to force the Rush Duel to continue. Galian praised The☆Yugaman for destroying "Dragiastar F" with the effect of "Ultimate Flag Mech Ace Breaker", but The☆Lukeman negated The☆Yugaman's follow-up direct attack. He returned "Fusion" to his Deck on his next turn with "Peace Dragon" while also increasing both players' LP, prompting an enraged Yuo to ask if The☆Lukeman was Dueling seriously. The☆Lukeman re-drew "Fusion" and Fusion Summoned "Full Moon Dragon Umbrlancer F", reviving "Dragiastar F" and almost defeating The☆Yugaman. On his next turn The☆Yugaman revived "Sevens Road Magician", but The☆Lukeman returned all the monsters in his Graveyard to his Deck to prevent him using the effect of "Sevens Road Magician". The☆Yugaman tried to counter by drawing a new card with "1/Infinity", which forced both players to draw and would damage Yuga if he didn't draw the same card as The☆Lukeman. To Galian's dismay The☆Lukeman drew "Fusion", which Yuga didn't have in his Deck. A meteor then entered Earth's atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, but Yuga was able to block the meteor with his Duel Disk and add the "Fusion" within to his Deck. Yuga Fusion Summoned "Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight", which could gain ATK from monsters in both Graveyards, and successfully sent the EARTH monster he needed to the Graveyard to activate the effect of "Sevens Paladin", allowing him to destroy both of The☆Lukeman's Fusion Monsters and defeat him.[25]

As The☆Lukeman thanked Yuga, Yuo tried to destroy the Super Rush Robot in Sixross, but was stopped when Kaizo, who had been caught in the Goha Meteor Shower]], crashed into Sixross and detonated Romin's Prima Guitarna Curry, crashing Sixross. Yuo released the Super Rush Robot, and The☆Lukeman released Luke and left for outer space, promising to return if they needed him. Mimi then claimed Swirly to be the sixth Goha Sibling, though she was proven wrong when the sixth Goha Sibling's badge didn't react to him. Yuga then offered to join Goha Enterprises as the Goha Siblings had initially asked, in exchange for Yuo retaining his position and reinstating the other Goha Siblings.[25]


Galian uses an EARTH Machine Deck that focuses on anti-defense tactics with the effects of his high-Level monsters; "Drilling Mandrill", whose effect can flip Set monsters face-up and reduce their ATK to 0, or "Shield Boring Kong", which can outright destroy a Defense Position monster and increase its ATK. He also includes cards to change his opponent's monsters to face-down Defense Position to take advantage of this effect.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Rayne 29 Win
Gavin Sogetsu 33 Lose
Multiple Goha 66 members 46-47 Win
Asana Mutsuba 82-83 Lose


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