Game of Death (Street Fighter)

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Game of Death
Game of Death
EnglishGame of Death


Shibō Yūgi

Game details
Winner(s)Katsuya Jonouchi
LocationDomino City
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (Toei)
Chapters25: "The One-Inch Terror"
Episodes21: "Completed!! The Ultimate Game Land"

The Game of Death (ja: 死亡遊戯しぼうゆうぎ, Shibō Yūgi; zh: 死亡的遊戲, Sǐwáng dé Yóuxì) was a game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Toei anime between Katsuya Jonouchi and Street Fighter. It is named after the Bruce Lee film, Game of Death.

In the manga, Jonouchi and Street Fighter fought in an alley with a knife in Jonouchi's mouth.

In the anime, Jonouchi and Street Fighter, known as Dragon 1, fought on a pipe, while Dragon 1 had a nunchaku.

Manga events[edit]

Prior events[edit]

Street Fighter repeatedly challenged and lost to Yugi in multiplayer games of Virtual VS. While Jonouchi was getting drinks for himself and Yugi, Street Fighter went over to Yugi and beat him up, taking his Millennium Puzzle as a prize.

When Jonouchi got back, he saw Yugi lying injured on the floor and was told what happened, so he went after Street Fighter.

The fight[edit]

When Jonouchi confronted Street Fighter, they went into an alley for a fight. Street Fighter insisted that they fight with knives in their mouth, so that the players would be "one inch between life and death". Street Fighter secretly used a trick knife, whose blade would slide into its hilt if hit. However Jonouchi told him not to use the knife because he would have to hold back hitting him in the face.

At the start of the fight Jonouchi kept his hands in his pockets and dodged a number of punches. Street Fighter managed to hit Jonouchi once, cutting his face a little. Jonouchi realized that he didn't have much room to dodge the punches in a narrow alley.

Jonouchi mocked the speed of Street Fighter punches and Street Fighter demanded that Jonouchi take his hands out of his pockets, which was also mocking him. Jonouchi replied that he had promises to his friend in both of the pockets and he wouldn't see them until the end of the fight.

Unable to guard his stomach, Jonouchi got hit there and Street Fighter tried punching him in the face after that. However Jonouchi revealed the first of his promises and opened the shaken can of cola in his one of his pockets, which was his promise to buy Yugi a drink. The cola sprayed over the Street Fighter's face, getting in his eyes and making him step back. Jonouchi took his fist out of his other pocket, saying it was the promise to clobber the him and punched him in the jaw.


Jonouchi spat the knife out of his mouth and took back the Millennium Puzzle to return to Yugi.

Anime events[edit]