Gate of Curiosity

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The Gate of Curiosity

The Gate of Curiosity, known as the Gate of Providence in the Japanese version, is a street of shops located in area V6 66 in the Garden of Curiosity in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. It is the entrance to Nail Saionji's Nexus, and it was created by Nail as a hobby shortly after he came to work at the Goha Enterprises.[1]

Featured Shops[edit]

Entrance to the Gate.

Many of the goods sold at the Gate of Curiosity have a quirk to their usual purposes, with the Goha Enterprises Drones that run them asking why their products must be as they have come to be expected and declaring that this is providence.

  • A wood-carving shop that sells carvings of Seatbastian.
  • A shop selling charms of providence.
  • Shops selling providence hand towels, body towels, wooden swords, dango, and pennants.
  • A shop selling providence candy apples that are sour.
  • A shop selling providence corn dogs that Luke described as disgusting.
  • A shop selling providence buns that it tears hunks out of which it claims are a whole bun themselves.
  • A goldfish-catching pool that uses nets without screens, preventing participants from actually catching the fish.
  • A shop selling providence shirts with one sleeve that is far too long.
  • Fortunes that are blank, which the Drone running claims is indicative of how one's fate is something they write for themselves.


Nail Saionji created the Gate shortly after he was hired by the Goha Enterprises to serve as the Goha Duel Overseer. He intended for the area to teach people about his idea of Curiosity.[1]

Yuga Ohdo first learned about the Gate from Mimi Imimi when she was assisting him in the guise of "Advisor M".[2] Yuga was unable to find the Gate through simply exploring, and learned the location after Luke defeated Buff Grimes by tricking him into divulging the information.[3] Once Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gavin arrived at the Gate, they were shown in by the Goha Enterprises Drones that ran the various shops, who informed them of the shops' history and purpose, encouraging them to learn about providence, as any challengers who found the Gate would be worthy to learn from it. For the most part, Yuga and his friends found Nail's providence difficult to understand, though Yuga eventually came to believe he had some understanding of it.[1]


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