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"Jormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity"
  • ジェネレイド
  • Jenereido (romanized)
  • Generaid (translated)
  • Genèraideur
  • Generaider
  • Generaider
  • 제너레이드
  • Jeneoreideu (romanized)
  • Generaidor
  • Geneincursor/a

Face off against the final boss!

— TCG commercial for Mystic Fighters

"Generaider", known as "Generaid" (ジェネレイド Jenereido) in the OCG, is an archetype introduced in Deck Build Pack: Mystic Fighters. It is comprised of multiple Level 9 monsters of various Attributes and Types, and its playstyle revolves around swarming these Level 9 monsters using the effects of their Field Spell, "Generaider Boss Stage".


"Generaider" is a portmanteau of "general" and "raider". "General" refers to the archetype's theme of bosses accompanied by additional generic monsters. "Raider" refers to raids found in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), specifically raids based around boss fights.

The kanji ō (王) used for the archetype's Japanese name means "king".


The "Generaider" crest in "Generaider Boss Stage"

The "Generaider" archetype is based around the theme of boss fights from video games. The setting of the archetype is based on the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology, and the "Generaider" monsters have various origins from Norse mythology.

The "Runick" Spell Cards, which are also based on Norse mythology and video games, are related to this archetype, as evidenced by "Loptr, Shadow of the Generaider Bosses" appearing in the artwork of "Runick Allure", and the same characters appearing in both "Generaider Boss Fight" and "Runick Dispelling".


The "Generaider Boss" monsters are Level 9, with the exception of the Rank 9 "Jormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity" and "Laevateinn, Generaider Boss of Shadows". Each "Generaider Boss" monster is a different Type, and the Main Deck monsters can use "Generaider" monsters and/or generic monsters of their respective Type as tribute to activate their effects.

Each "Generaider Boss" monster corresponds with one of the nine stages displayed on the "Generaider" crest in "Generaider Boss Stage", which corresponds with the Nine World of Norse cosmology. Their Levels/Ranks are also a reference to the Nine Worlds.

Generaider Boss Type Name origin Corresponding
Nine Worlds
Harr, of Storms Spellcaster Odin Top Asgard
Nidhogg, of Ice Wyrm Níðhöggr Upper left Niflheim
Frodi, of Swords Warrior Freyr Upper middle Álfheim
Utgarda, of Delusion Rock Útgarðar Upper right Jötunheimr
Jormungandr, of Eternity Reptile Jörmungandr Center Midgard
Mardel, of Light Plant Freyja Lower left Vanaheimr
Dovelgus, of Iron Machine Dwarf Lower middle Svartalfheim
Naglfar, of Fire Beast-Warrior Naglfar Lower right Muspelheim
Hela, of Doom Zombie Hel Bottom Helheim
Laevateinn, of Shadows Fairy Lævateinn (All) (Ragnarök)

Excluding "Generaider Token", the other "Generaider" monsters are FIRE Fairy monsters that support the "Generaider Boss" monsters.

Level Generaider Name origin
4 Loptr, Shadow of the Bosses Loki
9 Vara, Seidhr of the Bosses Vǫlva

Playing style[edit]

The "Generaider" archetype's playstyle revolves around using their Field Spell, "Generaider Boss Stage", to summon "Generaider" monsters during the opponent's turn and swarm the field with tokens to enable their Quick Effect disruptions. Once per turn, "Generaider Boss Stage" can Special Summon 1 "Generaider" monster from the Deck if the opponent draws a card, including in the Draw Phase, and then Special Summon as many "Generaider Tokens" as possible. These tokens are temporary and will be destroyed in the End Phase, and are meant as tribute fodder to supply the costs for the "Generaider" monsters' Quick Effects.

The "Generaider" archetype includes nine Level 9 Main Deck monsters, one Level 4 Main Deck monster, "Loptr", and two Rank 9 Xyz monsters, "Jormungandr" and "Laevateinn". All "Generaider" monsters have a side-unique condition.

All "Generaider" monsters have Quick Effects or analogous effects usable in both player's turns, with costs that involve destroying/tributing 1 or more "Generaider" monster(s), and/or monsters with the same Type as themselves.

Role Generaider Type Tribute cost Effect summary
Consistency Dovelgus Machine 1 for each summon [Pay cost,] Special Summon "Generaider" or Machine monsters from hand. (in Defense, with different names from each other and from the Tributed monsters)
Hela Zombie 1 [Pay cost,] Special Summon 1 "Generaider" or Zombie monster from GY. (in Defense, with a different name from the Tributed monster)
Mardel Plant N/A Search 1 "Generaider" card or 1 Plant monster when summoned. (except "Mardel")
Defense Naglfar Beast-Warrior 1 (destruction redirection) If friendly cards would be destroyed, you can destroy 1 friendly "Generaider" or 1 Beast-Warrior monster instead.
Nidhogg Wyrm 1 When your opponent would Special Summon a monster(s), [pay cost,] negate the Summon and destroy the monster(s).
Harr Spellcaster 2 When a card or effect is activated, [pay cost,] negate the activation and destroy that card.
Offense Frodi Warrior 1 for each destruction [Pay cost,] target and destroy monsters on the field, then your opponent can draw cards equal to the number of monsters destroyed on their field.
Utgarda Rock 2 [Pay cost,] target and banish 1 card on the field.

"Loptr", the archetype's sole Level 4 monster, and consequently the only "Generaider" monster that can be Normal Summoned without Tributes, is the deck's starter and play enabler. "Loptr" has the Quick Effect to Tribute 1 "Generaider" monster to Special Summon 1 Level 9 "Generaider" monster with a different name from the Deck. Without "Generaider Boss Stage", "Loptr" can be used to Special Summon "Mardel", who will search out "Boss Stage"; in the opponent's turn, "Loptr" can be used to strategically summon "Generaider" monsters to counter the opponent's plays.

The deck can easily swarm Level 9 monsters, which can in turn be used to make powerful Rank 9 Xyz Monsters and/or Link Monsters that need high-level Link Materials; examples include the boss monsters of the deck, the Rank 9 "Jormungandr, Generaider Boss of Eternity" and "Laevateinn, Generaider Boss of Shadows", as well as the Rank 9 "True King of All Calamities", and even "World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy".

Notably, several "Generaider" cards, including "Frodi", "Boss Fight", "Boss Loot", "Boss Room", and "Jormungandr", have effects that cause the opponent to draw cards. Though this is a negative effect, some "Generaider" cards can trigger beneficial effects from it:

  • "Generaider Boss Stage" can Special Summon a "Generaider" monster from the Deck when the opponent draws a card, compensating for the draw if it was made during the player's turn.
  • "Harr, Generaider Boss of Storms" can force the opponent to send 1 monster from their hand or field to the GY if they draw cards outside of their Draw Phase.

Due to their effect that also works with their corresponding Types, individual "Generaider" monsters can also be used in other Type-based decks to supplement their strategy. Such as "Hera, Generaider Boss of Doom" who can be used to supplement a Zombie-oriented strategy.

Recommended cards[edit]


  • The archetype is extremely reliant on its Field Spell, and is almost completely paralyzed without it. Cards that can remove the Field Spell, like "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit", "Cosmic Cyclone", or "Set Rotation" can severely hamper the deck's effectiveness, while cards that can temporarily negate the Field Spell, like "Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring", can delay the deck's swarming for a turn.
  • "Token Collector" can prevent "Boss Stage" from producing Tokens, making activations of "Generaider" monsters' effects far more costly.
  • Because the archetype revoles around Level 9 Main Deck monsters, and "Boss Stage" only summons from Deck, the Deck has major issues with bricking and drawing garnets.