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Goha #8 Middle School is the middle school in Goha City that most of the cast attend during the timeskip in the finale. Many students who graduated from different elementary schools now attend Goha #8 Middle School.[1]


Unlike most of the elementary schools, Goha #8 Middle School has uniforms for boys and girls, though some students have customized theirs. Boys wear traditional black uniforms or gakuren with the school's number pinned on the right collar and their year pinned on the left. Girls wear a traditional sailor girl uniform or fuku with a white blouse, a sailor-style collar and a pleated skirt of varing length. Asana Mutsuba combines elements of both, wearing a long skirt and a gakuren jacket.

Known students[edit]

1st year (seventh grade)[edit]

2nd year (eighth grade)[edit]





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