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The Goha Duel Museum is a museum in Goha City that is housed within the Goha Enterprises Main Office. It is an attraction that chronicles the history of Duel Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS.[1]


  • An exhibition on Duel History, chronicling the development of Duels from their origins as a card game played on tables, to the slow implementation of visual effects, culminating in Solid Vision.
  • Prototypes of Solid Vision devices:
    • A Solid Vision device connected to two power sources that has similar projectors to modern Duel Disks.
    • A smaller prototype that Luke describes as an early Duel Disk, with a more comfortable table surface for playing cards.
    • A prototype Duel Disk that is not collapsible and is connected to a power source worn like a backpack.
    • The Phoenix Whirlwind
    • Seto Kaiba's first Duel Disk prototype.


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