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The Goha Dueling Rules are a vast series of articles that dictate the rules around playing the game of Duel Monsters in Goha Duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, dictated and enforced by Goha Enterprises in Goha City. In part due to these rules, Yuga Ohdo becomes inspired to create the Rush Dueling format, though some of these rules still apply to Rush Dueling.

Known Rules[edit]

  • Chapter 66, Article 6: When there is no clarity as to a card's status, its use is prohibited until it can be explained.[1]
  • Chapter 66, Article 66: As long as a card whose legality has been question is not drawn, the Duel can continue. If the card is drawn, then the Duelist is disqualified from the Duel.[1]
  • Chapter 666, Article 666: Anyone who has been disqualified from an official Goha-sponsored tournament may not enter a tournament venue. Otes was confined for violating this rule, but it is unclear if this was due to his rule violation or Goha Enterprises's desire to learn his true identity.[2]
  • Chapter 6666, Article 6: If unforeseen circumstances occur that a Duelist could not control, the Duel will continue even if the contents of the Deck were changed.[3]
  • An unnamed rule states that Goha employees are barred from taking place in official Goha-sponsored tournaments. Otes took place in the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament and was subsequently disqualified for doing so.[4]


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