Goha Meteor Shower

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The Goha Meteor Shower is a reoccurring celestial event in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime that occurs in Goha City. Due to Nail Saionji destroying Goha Enterprises's satellite array when he was a toddler, the debris of these satellites is sometimes caught up in the Goha Meteor Shower.


Yuga Ohdo took the Rush Duel Club and RoaRomin to watch for the Goha Meteor Shower one night, though they didn't see it.[1] A few days later the Goha Meteor shower began during Yuga's Duel with The☆Lukeman, and both the remains of a Goha Enterprises satellite and Yuo Goha's iron maiden, which contained a program storage card that had been converted into "Fusion" and Kaizo respectively, were caught in the meteor shower and fell to Earth.[2] Yuga blocked the debris that fell towards him with his Duel Disk, resulting in the "Fusion" card being added to his Deck, while Kaizo was released from the iron maiden when it entered Earth's atmosphere and crashed into the Super Mobile Fortress Sixross, hitting and detonating the Prima Guitarna Curry that Romin Kassidy had left there, causing it to flood and crash Sixross.[2][3]


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