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The tournament's logo.

The Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal (ゴーハ・ラッシュデュエル・チームバトルロイヤル Gōha Rasshu Dyueru Chīmu Batoru Roiyaru) is a Rush Duel tournament held at the Goha Stadium in Goha City in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. Participants must enter in teams of three, and the winner of the tournament will be crowned King of Duels.

The tournament was arranged by the Goha Corporation to allow them to claim ownership of the Rush Duel format and turn its popularity to their advantage, following their failure to eliminate the format or destroy its popularity, at the suggestion of an unknown individual.

Tournament structure[edit]


The preliminaries take place over the span of two days across Goha City. All participating teams have three people, and if a team comes across another team in the city, a Duel will begin in the Battle Royal. The winning team gains seven points, while the losing team loses seven points. If a team loses seven times, they are eliminated from the tournament. The two teams with the most points by sundown on the second day advance to the finals.


Team Members Information
Luke King Luke Kings The Rush Duel Club from Goha 7th Elementary. Yuga, not willing to take the opportunity to enter from his friends, opted not to participate.
YugaNail with R Yuga initially intended to spectate the tournament, but agreed to take the third spot in the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club from Goha 6th Elementary as their leader Asana Mutsuba was unable to participate and Trapigeon was rejected on the grounds of being an animal. Roa initially intended to enter with Ushiro Omaeno and Getta Taira as Team Roa and Getta and Ushiro. Getta and Ushiro abandoned Roa after his Duel with Mimi Atachi, while Galient Tazaki and Chevelle Kayama were called upon by Asana, so Yuga and Roa agreed to team up, with Nail being called upon to take the third spot.
Gourmet Comrades Team
Team Newspaper Extra The Newspaper Club from Goha 7th Elementary.
Excavating! Treasure HUNTers The Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club from Goha 2nd Elementary. They chose their team name after Hunt became rich by selling Maximum Monsters.
Post-Apocalyptic Duel Army The Post-Apocalyptic Club from Goha 7th Elementary.
The Student Council from Goha 6th Elementary.
The Space Operations Duel Squadron from Goha 5th Elementary.
  • Names unknown
The Dueling Insects Club from Goha 5th Elementary.