Goha Siblings

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The six Goha siblings.

The Goha Siblings (ゴーハきょうだい Gōha Kyōdai) are the true presidents of the Goha Corporation.[1] Having been away from Earth during the events of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS they return to Earth in Goha Space Elementary at the climax of the first season, challenging Yuga Ohdo and his friends directly by holding the Super Rush Robot hostage in an attempt to destroy Rush Dueling.[2][1] Each Goha Sibling appears to represent a different Attribute that can be inferred by the color of their robe and each practices a hobby that seems to be inspired by that Attribute.


Image Character Deck Hobby
YuroGoha.png Yuro Goha WIND Racing
YujinGoha.png Yujin Goha WATER Swimming
YukaGoha.png Yuka Goha FIRE Baseball
YuranGoha.png Yuran Goha EARTH Kendo
YuoGoha.png Yuo Goha Unknown Doll making
150px Unnamed Goha sibling Unknown Unknown


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