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Gohanium (ゴーハニウム Gōhaniumu) is a metal in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. Its origins are unknown; its name suggests that it was created or discovered by Goha Enterprises, but Tiger's bassoon, which is constructed with the same material, was found in an underground cave having become covered in substrate.


Gohanium is an incredibly resistant material. Caterpillio Zomyoji carries oversized tools composed of the metal, which he can use to dismantle objects within seconds, though it is unclear if this is due to the properties of the material or Zomyoji's own inherent skills. Regardless, an object made of Gohanium can be repelled by another, as was demonstrated by Tiger's bassoon. Although a resilient metal, it is capable of being covered in substrate, though the object beneath still works perfectly; Tiger was able to shatter the substrate encrusting her bassoon with a powerful breath, and the instrument was no worse for wear. Gohanium objects seem to be extremely heavy, as Tiger's fellow Concert Band Club members struggle with the weight of her bassoon, though Tiger herself is strong enough to wield it normally.