Grandpa Muto pack (Legacy of the Duelist)

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Grandpa Muto pack
Grandpa Muto pack
  • Grandpa Muto pack
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
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Grandpa Muto pack

The Grandpa Muto pack is a Booster Pack available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist. It becomes available in the Card Shop after completing the The Heart of the Cards scenario in the Yu-Gi-Oh! campaign.

Each pack costs 200 DP and contains 8 cards (7 Commons and 1 Rare).


Name Rarity
"30,000-Year White Turtle" Common
"Acidic Downpour" Common
"Acrobat Monkey" Common
"Aegis of Gaia" Common
"Akakieisu" Common
"Alinsection" Common
"Ancient Dragon" Common
"Ancient Jar" Common
"Ancient One of the Deep Forest" Common
"Ancient Sorcerer" Common
"Anti Raigeki" Common
"Anti-Spell Fragrance" Rare
"Archfiend Mirror" Common
"Avatar of The Pot" Common
"Barrel Rock" Common
"Bat" Common
"Beaked Snake" Common
"Beautiful Beast Trainer" Common
"Big Bang Shot" Common
"Big Eye" Common
"Binding Chain" Common
"Bio-Mage" Common
"Birthright" Rare
"Bite Shoes" Common
"Bitelon" Common
"Bolt Escargot" Common
"Bone Mouse" Common
"Boneheimer" Common
"Boo Koo" Common
"Brain Control" Rare
"Breakthrough Skill" Rare
"Burglar" Common
"Burning Spear" Common
"Candle of Fate" Common
"Cash Back" Common
"Castle Walls" Common
"Cold Wave" Rare
"Command Knight" Common
"Contract with Exodia" Common
"Cry Havoc!" Rare
"Cure Mermaid" Common
"Dancing Elf" Common
"Dancing Fairy" Common
"Dark Assailant" Common
"Dark Chimera" Common
"Dark Elf" Common
"Dark Gray" Common
"Dark Hole" Rare
"Destruction Ring" Common
"Dice Armadillo" Common
"Dig Beak" Common
"Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade" Rare
"Divine Wrath" Rare
"DNA Surgery" Rare
"DNA Transplant" Rare
"Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper" Common
"Dokuroyaiba" Common
"Dungeon Worm" Common
"Dust Tornado" Rare
"Eatgaboon" Common
"Eldeen" Common
"Elf's Light" Common
"Enemy Controller" Rare
"Exodia Necross" Rare
"Exodia the Forbidden One" Rare
"Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" Rare
"Eyearmor" Common
"Fiend Reflection #2" Common
"Fire Reaper" Common
"Fissure" Common
"Flame Dancer" Common
"Flying Kamakiri #1" Common
"Foolish Burial" Rare
"Gaia Power" Common
"Ganigumo" Common
"Gate Deeg" Common
"Genin" Common
"Giant Mech-Soldier" Common
"Giant Rat" Rare
"Giant Scorpion of the Tundra" Common
"Giant Trunade" Rare
"Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames" Common


"Golgoil" Common
"Graceful Charity" Rare
"Great Bill" Common
"Gust Fan" Common
"Hade-Hane" Common
"Hane-Hane" Common
"Hard Armor" Common
"Heart of Clear Water" Rare
"Hero of the East" Common
"Hitodenchak" Common
"Hourglass of Courage" Common
"Hourglass of Life" Common
"House of Adhesive Tape" Common
"Hysteric Fairy" Common
"Ice Water" Common
"Ill Witch" Common
"Injection Fairy Lily" Rare
"Invader of Darkness" Rare
"Invigoration" Common
"Jar Robber" Common
"Job-Change Mirror" Common
"Justi-Break" Common
"Korogashi" Common
"LaMoon" Common
"Larvas" Common
"Left Arm of the Forbidden One" Rare
"Left Leg of the Forbidden One" Rare
"Legendary Jujitsu Master" Common
"Leo Wizard" Common
"Leogun" Common
"Level Limit - Area A" Common
"Level Limit - Area B" Rare
"Lightning Conger" Common
"Liquid Beast" Common
"Lisark" Common
"Living Vase" Common
"Lizard Soldier" Common
"Lone Wolf" Common
"Lucky Trinket" Common
"Luminous Spark" Common
"Lunar Queen Elzaim" Common
"Machine Attacker" Common
"Majesty's Fiend" Rare
"Marauding Captain" Rare
"Marmiting Captain" Rare
"Master & Expert" Common
"Mechanical Snail" Common
"Meda Bat" Common
"Megamorph" Rare
"Megasonic Eye" Common
"Megirus Light" Common
"Memory of an Adversary" Common
"Meteor of Destruction" Common
"Michizure" Common
"Mighty Guard" Common
"Mine Golem" Common
"Minefield Eruption" Common
"Misairuzame" Common
"Molten Destruction" Common
"Monster Tamer" Common
"Mosaic Manticore" Common
"Mother Grizzly" Common
"Muse-A" Common
"Mushroom Man" Common
"Mushroom Man #2" Common
"Mystic Plasma Zone" Common
"Mystic Tomato" Common
"Neck Hunter" Common
"Needle Ceiling" Common
"Negate Attack" Common
"Nightmare Scorpion" Common
"Obese Marmot of Nefariousness" Common
"One Who Hunts Souls" Common
"Ooguchi" Common
"Ookazi" Common
"Opti-Camouflage Armor" Common
"Ordeal of a Traveler" Rare
"Orion the Battle King" Common
"Pendulum Machine" Common
"Pot of Duality" Rare
"Pot of Greed" Rare
"Premature Burial" Rare
"Prisman" Common
"Raging Flame Sprite" Common
"Raigeki" Rare
"Raigeki Break" Common
"Raimei" Common
"Rainbow Flower" Common
"Reinforcement of the Army" Rare
"Remove Trap" Common
"Rescue Cat" Rare
"Rescue Rabbit" Rare
"Restructer Revolution" Common
"Right Arm of the Forbidden One" Rare
"Right Leg of the Forbidden One" Rare
"Rising Air Current" Common
"Rivalry of Warlords" Rare
"Rock Ogre Grotto #1" Common
"Rock Ogre Grotto #2" Common
"Rock Spirit" Common
"Rush Recklessly" Common
"Salamandra" Common
"Sand Stone" Common
"Scapegoat" Rare
"Science Soldier" Common
"Sealmaster Meisei" Common
"Sectarian of Secrets" Common
"Shapesnatch" Common
"Share the Pain" Common
"Shine Palace" Common
"Shining Angel" Common
"Shovel Crusher" Common
"Silent Doom" Rare
"Skelengel" Common
"Skill Drain" Rare
"Slate Warrior" Rare
"Sleeping Lion" Common
"Smashing Ground" Common
"Solemn Judgment" Rare
"Solemn Scolding" Rare
"Soul Charge" Rare
"Souleater" Common
"Sparks" Common
"Spiked Snail" Common
"Spirit of the Mountain" Common
"Spirit of the Pot of Greed" Common
"Spirit of the Winds" Common
"Steel Shell" Common
"Stone Ghost" Common
"Stray Lambs" Rare
"Succubus Knight" Common
"Super Rush Recklessly" Common
"Supply Squad" Rare
"Supporter in the Shadows" Common
"Sword Hunter" Common
"Sword of Deep-Seated" Common
"Sword Slasher" Common
"Swordsman of Landstar" Common
"Synchar" Common
"Talisman of Spell Sealing" Common
"Talisman of Trap Sealing" Common
"Tatsunootoshigo" Common
"Tenderness" Common
"Terraforming" Rare
"That Which Feeds on Life" Common
"The A. Forces" Common
"The Drdek" Common
"The End of Anubis" Common
"The Furious Sea King" Common
"The Melting Red Shadow" Common
"The Shadow Who Controls the Dark" Common
"The Shallow Grave" Rare
"The Wandering Doomed" Common
"The Warrior Returning Alive" Rare
"Thunderclap Skywolf" Common
"Toad Master" Common
"Togex" Common
"Tomozaurus" Common
"Tragedy" Common
"Tremendous Fire" Rare
"Trial of Nightmare" Common
"Tripwire Beast" Common
"Twinheaded Beast" Common
"Two-Pronged Attack" Common
"UFO Turtle" Common
"Ultimate Offering" Rare
"Umiiruka" Common
"Unity" Common
"Unknown Warrior of Fiend" Common
"Vishwar Randi" Common
"Waboku" Rare
"Waterdragon Fairy" Common
"Weather Control" Common
"Wetha" Common
"White Hole" Common
"Winged Cleaver" Common
"Winged Rhynos" Common
"Wood Remains" Common
"Wow Warrior" Common
"Yaiba Robo" Common
"Yamadron" Common
"Yellow Luster Shield" Common