Griddle Ice Hockey

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Griddle Ice Hockey
Griddle Ice Hockey
EnglishGriddle Ice Hockey


Tetsu-han Aisu Hokkē

Game details
GameShadow Game
Winner(s)Dark Yugi
LocationDomino High School
Chapters6: ""Into the Fire""

Griddle Ice Hockey was an air hockey-like Shadow Game, Dark Yugi played against Goro Inogashira.


The game required a block of ice, shaped like a puck, with a test tube of explosive chemicals inside. The players used spatulas as bats and a giant heated grill as a field.

The players hit the puck at each other, until the ice breaks causing the test tube to hit the hot grill and explode.


Prior events[edit]

Anzu Mazaki won a good spot at the Domino High school festival for her class to host their fundraiser. The class agreed on Yugi Muto's suggestion to use Carnival Games as their fundraiser.

While Anzu and Yugi's class were setting up their booth, Goro Inogashira and his class claimed that they owned the spot for their okonomiyaki. When Anzu refused to let them take it, they used their giant grill to tear down the booth. Yugi tried to stop them, but got knocked out by the grill.

Yugi later woke up in the infirmary and noticed Anzu weeping over losing their spot. He then unknowingly changed to Dark Yugi, who arranged a meeting with Inogashira.

Dark Yugi accused Inogashira of trespassing on the souls of his classmates and challenged him to a Shadow Game. Although he considered playing a game with Yugi childish, Inogashira claimed to have never backed down from a challenge and to have never lost, so he asked what kind of game. Dark Yugi explained the rules and Inogashira agreed.

The game[edit]

Inogashira dealt powerful blows to the puck, making it difficult for Dark Yugi to keep up. When Dark Yugi realized that if they kept playing at this rate, he was going to lose, he hit the puck with the edge of the spatula, causing it to crack. When Inogashira next hit the puck, the ice broke and the test tube exploded in front of him.

Having won, Dark Yugi reclaimed the spot for his class.