Hanto Goto

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Hanto Goto
Hanto Goto
  • Hanto Goto
  • Male
  • Education
SchoolGoha 2nd Elementary
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 9: "Wonderful Jurassic"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Risae Matsuda
Goto, Hanto

Hanto Goto is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is a student at Goha 2nd Elementary, and he is a member of the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club under Kan Hakubutsu.



Hanto is a short young boy with grey hair and light brown eyes. He wears stereotypical explorer's clothing; a light tan shirt, khaki pants, a brown belt with a steel buckle, calf-length light tan socks, and brown hiking boots in addition to a green hard hat with a dinosaur face print.


Hanto is the most outwardly eager of his friends, but also seems to be the most duplicitous, as he chuckled over Yuga being foolish enough to tell them where The Relic was. He was disappointed when Gossie turned out to be a myth and annoyed that Yuga's Road had been responsible.


Hanto's name seems to be drawn from the English word "Hunt".


According to his friends, Hanto has a unique ability to unearth valuable fossils and other artifacts; sneezing in their presence.


After hearing about the appearance of Gossie in Goha City, Hanto, Kaseki and Kan decided to search for it and use it to create their own Jurassic Duel World. After stopping at the Tahayasty Restaurant, they encountered Yuga Ohdo, Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo, Romin Kirishima and Gakuto Sogetsu, who were also looking for Gossie using Yuga's modified Goha Corporation Drone Kaizo. Kaseki introduced the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club to Yuga and his friends, and Hanto was pleased to meet the creator of Rush Dueling. Kaseki suggested that they work together to find Gossie, though in reality they planned to use Yuga and his friends to find Gossie and then find it first themselves. After several fruitless stops, Yuga's friends finally determined that Gossie could be at the location of the Relic where Yuga had installed Rush Duels, though Luke left them before they headed to it. Hanto, Kaseki and Kan reconvened in a bathroom to discuss their plans, unaware that Luke was in the same bathroom, and he confronted them and revealed their plans to Yuga, Gakuto and Romin. Despite the group's treachery, Yuga was still willing to tell them where the Relic was if Kan could defeat him in a Rush Duel. During the Duel, Yuga stated that he didn't believe Kan to be someone who would exploit dinosaurs, and Hanto suggested they check the construction site where Gossie was rumored to have first appeared, but Yuga abruptly tried to stop them from looking, though Luke eagerly joined forces with the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club. Yuga defeated Kan, but the group decided to check the construction site anyway, only to learn that "Gossie" had been nothing more than heating pipes and a noise produced by one of Yuga's "Roads", much to Hanto's anger. To make it up to them, Yuga brought the Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club to where the Relic had been, and Hanto sneezed, uncovering seven previously unseen symbols carved in the floor.[1]


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