Harpie Girl (Duel Arena)

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Harpie Girl
Harpie Girl
Corresponding cardHarpie Girl
English name
  • Harpie Girl
  • Female
Duel ArenaHappy Harpie Girl
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena
Harpie Girl (Duel Arena)

Harpie Girl is a character version of the card "Harpie Girl".

She appears as a Normal Partner available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, with a default of 3 Rental Points. Her partner ID is P074. She is also available as an opponent at Stage 2-1 under Quest mode.

In the beta, she was a Super Partner with a default of 5 Rental Points, and her partner ID was P034 instead.


A "Harpie" girl who looks up to her big sisters. Has many fans who want her to stay just the way she is.

Opponent Quote[edit]

I'm not as strong as my sisters, but don't underestimate me! Watch out for my Field Spell Cards! Tee-hee!



A Harpie Deck centered around monsters with the "Harpie" archetype. Battle primarily using the effect of the Field Spell Card "Harpies' Hunting Ground". Make good use of the support cards specialized for Normal Monsters!

Post-August 27, 2014 Maintenance[edit]

Pre-August 27, 2014 Maintenance[edit]



  • While "Kujakujaku" does have some utility in this character's partner Deck, it may also serve as a reference to Mai Valentine, who uses a "Harpie" Deck in the anime. Her Japanese name is Mai Kujaku.