Haru Tsukumo (manga)

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Haru Tsukumo
Haru Tsukumo
English name
  • Haru Tsukumo
Japanese name
Japanese九十九春つくも はる
Furiganaつくも はる
RōmajiTsukumo Haru
  • Female
Manga debut
Appears in
Tsukumo, Haru

Haru Tsukumo is a charcter appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. Haru is the grandmother of Yuma Tsukumo and Akari Tsukumo. Unlike Akari, Haru supports Yuma's desire to Duel.


When Yuma was rushing to the school because the was late, Haru held him by his messenger bag with her broom, asking him if he had eaten breakfast. This made his cards fall to the ground. Yuma told her to forget about breakfast, since he was going to be late. Haru then picks one of Yuma's cards with an expression of surpise, and Yuma tells her that he reworked on his Deck the previous night. She then asks him how many times Tetsuo had beaten him in a row then, and guessed forty. Yuma said that it was fifty, with an unpleasant expression. Haru then yells at him saying that eating right in the morning gives energy for all day, and that Yuma can't Duel because he needs "more fuel in his belly".

Later, when Yuma leaves to Duel Shark, Haru gives him an "extra-large Duel lunch", saying that if he has got a big battle that day, he can't go to war on an empty stomach.[1]

One night, after Akari yells at Yuma about him not had gone to sleep yet and about him possibly being playing Duel Monsters, Haru tells her that she shouldn't be so strict to Yuma. Akari answers saying that she has to be, and that Haru knows why - for him, Duels aren't just a game. Haru then keeps silent, looking towards Yuma's room with a sad expression.[2]


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