Heartland Tower

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Heartland Tower

Heartland Tower is a huge tower in Heartland in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series, which serves as the residence of Dr. Faker and his family. It features a giant heart on the top, which symbolizes the city's name.

Below this tower there was a space rift created by Hart Tenjo, which leads to the Astral World. It was being used to throw all the trash collected by Litterbots into the Astral World. The top of the tower was also Hart Tenjo's bedroom decorated up with lots of colorful stars like a child's playroom with a view over the city, which was accessible by an elevator.[1][2]

Heartland Tower destroyed.

The heart on top of the tower includes a system to defend against aerial attacks; concealed beneath the tiles of the heart are multiple laser cannons.[3]

Heartland Tower being rebuilt.

In the anime, after the finals of the World Duel Carnival ended, the Sphere Field destroyed the tower while integrating with the Sphere Field Cannon beneath it.[4] However, it was later shown that the tower was being rebuilt.[5]

Kaito detonates the Heartland Tower.

In the manga, once Kyoji Yagumo declared the "Numbers War", Kaito fled from the tower with Haruto, blowing it up in the process.[6]


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