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Heavy Cavalry are special heavy machinery utilized by Goha #6 Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. They serve as transportation, excavation, and as areas for their controllers to Duel from in what they term "Heavy Cavalry Duels".


Heavy Cavalry are compact/miniature heavy machinery capable of being easily operated by children. They are treated in a manner similar to horses within Goha #6 Elementary; their riders all wear uniforms that are similar to equestrian gear and Asana Mutsuba even treats R6 like a living being, claiming it is sulking when it breaks down due to a loose circuit. They contain Duel Disk apparatuses within them that can be used for both Goha and Rush Duels, and their buckets are outfitted with retractable Solid Vision projectors.

Due to the absorption of Mutsuba Heavy Machinery into Goha Enterprises, their components are no longer manufactured, and due to the traditionalism of their owners, they cannot be modified with new parts. As a result, many of the Heavy Cavalry have been in use for generations and are slowly breaking down. After Yuga Ohdo defeated Asana in their second Rush Duel, they found R0 in the Mutsuba mine, which had been modified during its development. This revelation convinced the students of Goha #6 Elementary to begin modifying their Heavy Cavalry.

List of Heavy Cavalry[edit]

English name Japanese name Owner Description Image
R6 Asana Mutsuba/Asana's great-grandfather A red open-cab excavator with the Duel Disk attachment contained within the bucket. Asana inherited R6 from her great-grandfather, who used to take her for rides in its bucket. It is destroyed during her second Rush Duel with Yuga Ohdo, but she allows him to repair it after learning of her family adopting modification in the past. R6-Full.png
GG03 Galian Townsend A stockier closed-cab blue excavator with the Duel Disk attachment contained within the loading arm. This Heavy Cavalry is severely damaged during Galian's Duel with Gavin Sogetsu, but Yuga repairs it at Galian's request after the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club become open to modification. 150px
HA10 Chevelle Kayama A pale blue pilling rig. The Duel Disk attachment is contained within the weight atop the rig, while Chevelle stands atop the platform, which is elevated to the top of the rig. The name of this Heavy Cavalry is based on the Japanese word for "pigeon". 150px