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Ruby characters are small reading aids that are placed on top of some characters.

On Yugipedia, this is used to add furigana characters on top of some Japanese characters. This is done using a set of tags, known as "ruby".


When rendered correctly, the furigana should appear on top of the kanji. If a browser does not support ruby tags, the furigana will appear after the kanji in a set of parentheses.

Supported Unsupported Test
帝(てい) てい

If you don't see Japanese characters in the above table, your browser doesn't have support for displaying them; see Help:Multilingual support for more information.

Supported browsers[edit]

Most modern web browsers, render this correctly.

If the characters are appearing in brackets or otherwise not displaying correctly, be sure to update your browser to the latest stable release.

Adding ruby text[edit]

{{Ruby}} is the preferred method to add ruby text to pages.

For example, {{Ruby|帝|てい}} produces てい. More generally, {{Ruby|Base|Top}} produces BaseTop; see the template's documentation for more details.