Hubbel Space Binoculars

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The Hubbel Space Binoculars

The Hubbel Space Binoculars (ハッベルぼうえんきょう Habberu Bōenkyō) are specialized astronomical binoculars that are owned by Goha #5 Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron. Their name is a play on that of the Hubble Space Telescope (ハッブル Habburu).


The Hubbel Space Binoculars are black astronomical binoculars with longer shafts and larger aperture objectives. They are capable of seeing into space and capturing footage, which can then be played or enhanced using other devices. Braun Honya used them to spy on the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club from afar and the Space Operations Duel Squadron were later able to find the Goha Duel Server on the moon.[1][2]


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