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"Crealtar, the Impcantation Originator" with "Candoll", "Talismandra", "Bookstone", and "Chalislime".
  • 魔神儀デビリチャル
  • 魔神儀 (base)
  • デビリチャル (ruby)
  • Debiricharu (romanized)
  • Deviritual (translated)
  • Lutincantation
  • Mantrawichtel
  • Impcantesimo
  • 마신의
  • Diabretiço
  • Diablihechizo
TCG Sets

"Impcantation" (魔神儀デビリチャル Debiricharu) is an archetype that debuted in Cybernetic Horizon. The archetype is focused on supporting Ritual Summons.

Level Impcantation Origin Unique effect
3 Penciplume Pencil + Plume Return 1 Ritual Monster in the player's Graveyard to the hand
4 Candoll Candle + Doll Add 1 Ritual Spell from the player's Deck to the hand
5 Bookstone Book + Stone Return 1 Ritual Spell in the player's Graveyard to the hand
6 Talismandra Talisman + Mandragora Add 1 Ritual Monster from the player's Deck to the hand
7 Chalislime Chalice + Slime
10 Crealtar Creator + Altar
- Thanatosis Thanatos -

Playing style[edit]

In order to aid in process of Ritual Summons, the "Impcantation" monsters are able to search and retrieve both Ritual Monsters and Ritual Spells from both the Deck and GY, as all the non-Ritual Monster members have the effect to reveal either 1 Ritual Monster or 1 Ritual Spell in your hand to Special Summon themselves and a fellow "Impcantation" from the Main Deck, but doing so will lock you out of using the same monster’s other effect as they all have restriction of only allowing 1 of their effects to be used once a turn. They also come with the downside of preventing use of the Extra Deck while on the field, though if one desires they can still be used for a Tribute Summon or other effects which would require Tributes. They can also easily allow for the Summon of monsters with Levels 1-12 due to their ability to quickly fill up the field though doing so may prove risky.

Meanwhile, Ritual Monster members of the archetype also help to support the goal of the "Impcantation" monsters. "Chalislime" can reveal itself to immediately get one of the non-Ritual members onto the field, at the cost of both discarding a card and a hefty 2500 LP if you do not Ritual Summon after using this effect. If on the field as well, it can send another member of the archetype to the GY from your and or field to target and destroy a monster the opponent controls. "Crealtar" can accomplish similar swarming, as it is instead a Quick Effect that can be used in either player’s Main Phases as long as the monsters Summoned have a total Level of 10, but will be shuffled back into the Deck if still present during the End Phase. "Crealtar" also gives the non-Ritual members 2000 ATK while itself is on the field, while also negating their effects and this allowing usage of the Extra Deck.

Finally, "Impcantation Inception" - their own Ritual Spell - can be used for any Ritual Monster but will lock you into only using "Impcantation" monsters for the process, thankfully allowing them to be from the hand or field. The Spell is also able to Summon any of the fodder members to the field by sending another one from the hand or field to the GY, with the added bonus of then adding itself back to the hand for reuse. Their Field Spell, "Thantosis" further adds to the swarming capabilities by revealing an "Impcantation" in your hand and Special Summoning 2 more copies of it, then shuffling the revealed copy into the Deck. If a Ritual Monster is Summoned to your field while "Thanatosis" is active, either using the procedure on the card, from the GY or after being banished, you can target and destroy any 1 card on the field.

Recommended cards[edit]