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Industrial Illusions photographer
Industrial Illusions photographer
  • Male
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 08585: "Rage of the Egyptian Gods"
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Industrial Illusions photographer

The photographer working for Industrial Illusions is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

In the English dub, the photographer was said to be an archaeologist.


The photographer accompanied Maximillion Pegasus and a video cameraman on a trip to Egypt to find depictions of the Egyptian Gods in order to incorporate them into the Duel Monsters card game. (In the English dub, as Pegasus grew impatient, he threatened to fire the photographer.) While Pegasus expressed his anger over their failure to find the Gods, the three were approached by Shadi. Shadi informed them that gravekeepers were using their dark powers to seal the God cards in tablets and that they would never find them themselves, but he had the power to show them.[1]

Shadi brought the trio to a secret subterranean passageway and used the Millennium Key's power to make them invisible to the on-duty gravekeepers. Shadi led them to a room with the Tablet of Lost Memories, where the cameraman took photos. (In the English dub, Shadi said that they may take as many photos as they liked, but they must not remove anything.) When they were done, the photographer returned to the United States. Shadi understood that his actions may lead to terrible events, but was prepared to accept the consequences if it would allow him to find the holders of the other Millennium Items.[1]

While the photographer was developing his photos in a hotel, something about a photo of the slab depicting Obelisk the Tormentor caught his attention. (In the English dub, he said that the photos were like nothing he had ever taken and it was as though the camera had captured the very power of the Egyptian Gods through their carvings.) He was then greeted by an apparition of Obelisk, which frightened him and caused him to fall backwards through his hotel window, killing him. (The scene of him falling from the window is removed form the English dub. The scene simply cuts after he is shown shaking in fear of seeing Obelisk.) Likewise others involved in the production of the Egyptian God cards suffered mysterious deaths, through accidents or losing their minds in fear.[1]


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