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Infinity is a matter transfer device on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, which is currently under development by the Momentum Express Development Organization.[1]

It is design creates wormholes, which are used to transfer matter. Clark Smith believes that if Momentum Express keep working on it, there will no longer be a need to send rockets into space.[1]

Its true power is the ability to connect travel though space and time, and is the source of the Three Pure Nobles' ability to rewrite history.[2]


Concept design.

Infinity contains a number of Planetary Particles, which it runs at high speeds in order to cause a dimension distortion and as a result create a wormhole.[1]

The platform closing over Infinity.

The machine is located inside the Momentum Express building. When not in use a platform is closed over it.[1]

When the machine is in use, the platform above it opens out. A dimension shuttle containing matter to be transported left on the platform may hover above the machine. Ener-D is drawn to the top of the machine and forms a ring around the matter to be transported.[1] The ring then changes to an infinity symbol (∞)[2] and a beam of Ener-D is blasted into the sky out through the roof of the building. This can lead to temporary power outages throughout the building.[1]


Shortly after Yusei Fudo, Sherry LeBlanc and Bruno entered the Momentum Express building, hoping to infiltrate and find information on Iliaster, Infinity was activated. The power outage, caused the escalator they were using to stop working.[1]

When Yusei faced Clark in a Concentration Duel a power outage caused by Infinity caused the lights in the room they were in to go out. This allowed Yusei to see a reflection of Clark's cards in his glasses and give him insight into how Clark was cheating.[1]

After Yusei, Sherry and Bruno realized their cover had been blown, they hid inside a dimension shuttle, but were locked inside and about to be transported through a wormhole by Infinity. Clark appeared to them on a screen and explained that Infinity's true power is to create wormholes through time, which Iliaster can use to falsify history.[1][2]

Yusei and Bruno survived being sent through the wormhole, but since Clark had revealed information to Yusei that Iliaster didn't want him knowing, the Three Emperors used Infinity to falsify history, erasing Momentum Express from existence and making the Emperors to be participants in the World Racing Grand Prix as Team New World.[2]


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